Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Rockstar Experience

Morning Snappers! Today is Day 4 of my guest blogging series! I am dragging this morning! Please forgive me for forgetting to attach Miss Morgan's intro! I did it from my phone, in the bed, while squinting with one eye open! Then I dragged myself outta bed and to the computer to give her the proper intro she deserves!!!
 I came across Miss Morgan at The Inklings of Life, while I still lived in Kentucky! My half-brother's wife, who I started to attempt to get to know on FB(because they lived cross country on a military base), kept posting things on her FB wall from this little chickadee!  I fell in instant blogger love! I became her biggest stalker! No , seriously!  I was in awe of her awesome writing ability, and a few months ago her awesome-ness level shot through the roof for me!  She started a photo challenge! Which I have participated in every single month since January! (for those of you who don't follow along regularly, I have always done photography on the side, it is my passion!) And we have become bloggy friends! I adore her, she is a doll! Equal parts mom, tattoo artist, military wife, Miss Creativity, who just opened her own ETSY store, gorgeous pinup SAHM, and sarcasta-momma galore! I hope you love her as much as I do ! So get to reading! Now! Then go and show her some lovin'!


My Rockstar Experience

When you make the decision to become a stay-at-home-mom, one of the first things you think about is money. Will your significant other make enough to support the whole family? Will you feel like a functioning part of society if you aren't actually bringing home any money? Money, money, money.

Not how amazing your child will be now that you are staying home with them. Not how you have to worry about the child and the house and don't have to go to a job that you probably hate, in an outfit that you probably hate, having to answer to a boss that you probably hate. Not that you are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with your little one. These things don't cross your mind.

Until you deposit $92 into your bank account. Yep, that's all it takes. Hell, sometimes it's only $12 and I feel like a rockstar. Yes, I will explain.

I am a stay-at-home-mom whose kids are 11 and 8. No, I don't homeschool, so during the day while my kids are at school, those hours are my own. I spend that time writing, cleaning, doing laundry, getting dinner squared away, getting any shopping we need done, and crafting. I extreme coupon and consider that my contribution to the monthly income (when you get free toilet paper, ketchup and cake mix, then yes, I consider that a positive), but as far as an actual paycheck or consistent money we can count on, it really doesn't help to look in my direction. 

I decided to take some of the time I spend crafting and make things to sell online. Last week I opened my store with a whopping 18 items- that's it, just 18 items. I crossed my fingers, sacrificed a chicken in the name of the online sales gods and remained hopeful. 

I've made $92 so far, and let me tell you, when I transferred that $92 into our checking account, I felt like a millionaire. I started doing the "I'm Rich" dance, the kids stared at me like I was crazy, I marched right upstairs to where my Hubby was and said, "Guess who has two thumbs and just deposited $92 into our checking account? This girl," and cheesily pointed at myself. I stood and waited for him to praise me, to act like this $92 was the difference between life and death, that without it we would have been eating cracker crumbs and drinking water that we had just bathed the children in. 

"Good job, baby" he said with a laugh. That's it. 

That's fine, though. I know how important my $92 is. I may not have contributed to our income in almost a year now, but my $92 is special. Rockstar special. I'll get calls any minute now from Angelina Jolie wanting to have lunch and Ryan Gosling wondering if I'll leave Hubby to go run away with him. The IRS will definitely be keeping an eye out for my tax returns this year, making sure I'm claiming all of my newly made dough.

Or so, that's how it goes in my head. Apparently on the outside I just look strange sitting at a table all by myself having an in depth talk with Angelina about how Brad and her little ones are doing. (Sigh.)

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Congrats! You rock star, you! There will be more where that came from! Good luck on you new money-making endeavor.

  2. Us Mommies need our rockstar moments to offset the janitor/maid/dishwasher moments.


  3. Found you via of the FB FRenzy, but liked your blog anyways! But I totally was worried about money a lil at first, but I had to experience of working and putting my relationship of my husbands aside for the first 2 years of our son's life. We swore we wouldn't put our children in childcare setting until they were 2. And that we did by working opposite shifts, even trading him off at work to exchange shifts. That took a huge toll on our marriage due to the lack of seeing each other, but we knew it was putting my son first. When my second son came along 5yrs later due to medical issues with getting pregnant. I also came with severe debilitating back pain and surgeries... but before I get ahead of myself. We knew we weren't going to put our second son in Childcare till he was 2 either. So then came our life making decision. It wasn't easy but its been worth it. I knew God called me to be a mother, a nurture, and provider to my boys. Not part-time, but Full-time! So I know Money was on my husband's mind. But I too do things on the side to pull in money from time to time. I also know the happy dance is all good girl. Celebrate your success and keep on doing it!

  4. Welcome to Corey , Ali, Erin, Stacey, and Melissa! Is'nt Miss Morgan awesome? I just adore her! Thanks for following!

  5. Thanks for y'all's amazing words! Glad you like my rockstar-ness, lol. ;)