Saturday, January 26, 2013

Misadventures in Moving

So we made the last packing trip to Ky. The very last trip! I was so excited to finally be done! We arrive at the house, jimmy the lock, and get to packing and cleaning! Shakin the Foundations is for those you who missed  the post about why we had to beak into our own house.  Hubbie the Dearest was packing the pick up truck that we borrowed from the in-laws, and I trusted him to do so. I was focusing on packing the last of our stuff in the van that we borrowed from his grandparents, and cleaning the old house.

So we finally get loaded up, and hubbie throws the vacuum cleaner and the broom on top of the bed rails and the 4 yo's play set. The grill and a wooden ramp was also in the truck. I assumed everything was secure. So off we went. We were both completely exhausted, and so very ready to be making this last trip of lifting stuff. So down the road we go. Through Flatwoods, Ky into Ashland, Ky, and across the pretty blue bridge, into Ironton, Oh, for one last time en route to Wild and Wonderful West by God Virginia, or home.

I went slowly, to make sure nothing flew out of the truck. I slowly sped up to the speed limit. Now in my FIL's truck it is very easy to lose track of your speed. He has a huge Chevy with a powerful V-8, and I had to keep a constant watch on the speedometer. So when I looked up and saw my child's Lil Tikes jungle gym and slide slowly lifting off and taking flight, followed shortly thereafter by the grill, bed rails, broom, my crutches and vacuum cleaner, I think I was in denial. Denial of what I had just witnessed happen in the 20 degree freezing weather. Major "equipment" fail.

Now in my state of shock, I did manage to pull off the road. Hubbie the dearest is calling me, I assume because he thought I wasn't " equipped" to realized what had just happened. Now the jungle gym landed in the right hand lane, which hubbie the dearest quickly was able to drag off onto the side of the road. The crutches were easy enough to retrieve by dodging the five o'clock traffic.
The crutch pads were in the middle of both lanes , as were the bed rails. We were very lucky no one got hurt running over the bed rails in the middle of the road. Although there was at least one flat tire from running over them. Whoopsie! And I can now attest to the fact that rubber crutch pads are indestructible! Mine now are prettily decorated with tire tracks, but completely intact!

Now the hub has been giving me crap lately about not having the " equipment" to do certain manly tasks. Such as using a power tool to hang curtain rods, backing up a big truck, etc. So you can imagine what was stirring in my brain when he divulged the information that he guessed he should have "tied things down." Hee Hee.

Well you have got to love hindsight. That lovely little smack you on the as$ after you did a really bonehead thing, kind of feeling! So While he is dodging cars and flying pieces of the bed rails and pink broom and metal grill pieces, working it out like he is in an 80's video game, I am hobble running as fast as I can to try to cross the road to retrieve our one wheeled wonder of what is left of our formerly awesome grill. Thank God it was charcoal not propane! I also want to take a minute to thank God for not allowing our flying truck of horrors to impale anyone! Seriously.

So where was I ? Oh yes, retrieving the grill from being smooshed up against the fast lane guard rail. So for those of you just tuning into my blog, I have been walking again for almost 2 months, after a rather bad broken knee/leg. So imagine my hobble run as I was trying to hurry Could this day get any better?  So as I navigate traffic, and wait until no one is coming to start lugging, hobble, walk, lugging, hobble, walk this thing across two lanes of traffic, here comes hubbie the dearest to my rescue. Guess he felt bad that his manly" equipment " failed him, and he kinda, sorta loves me so he didn't want me to get squished! That and he didn't want a littering ticket. Ba dum bump!  So we are finally pulling all of out stuff back to the truck to reload and tie it all down this time, when up rolls the five oh! Crap!  I don't know about you, but blue lights make me nervous.  The kind of nervous that a girl gets when she used to have a convertible Mustang GT, and had more tickets for lead footing, than Carter had liver pills! Ingrained nervousness. Conditioned response.

So I am standing in the truck bed, having used the play set as a step stool because I am too short to reach the truck bed, freezing my ninnies off, when I see the blue lights go off behind the van, which is a ways back from the truck. Double crapola! So hubbie the dearest traipses off to go handle the copper. He must have found the right words, because the copper not only put out a flare, but he used four of them! Whoo hoo hubbie! And he gave us back road directions! Super awesome! What he did not do however, was offer up his super young, way more in shape than our chubby forms, muscled body to help reload our truck in the freeze your buns off 20 degree weather! Oh well can't win 'em all right?  

So heave ho, we get the grill into the truck.  Upside down.  So as not to scratch FIL's truck.  Well crap, that won't work! Everything won't fit! So we dig out blankets to lay under the footless, wheel-less grill and turn it upright.  By now, I am in the way, having turned into a human popsicle.  Having been standing twelve feet in the air, in 20 degree weather, on the side of the road with cars whizzing by.  The wind chill up here sucks! I find it humorous that no one stops to help.  I wouldn't either in freezing weather.  So I start to randomly waive at people. I at this point have probably gone hypothermic, and as I climb down from the truck bed, I get the uncontrollable giggles.  Hubbie the dearest even finds the humor in our situation, and gives up a few chuckles. I then give minimal help to hubbie the dearest in lifting the play set back into the truck.  Upside down with the slide sticking out the side.  Now hub goes about tying everything down, and being my usual self, I start snapping pictures of our ridiculous "situation".

So now we are an hour and a half behind schedule.  I don't think my booty will ever thaw out!  So those of you that follow my personal FB account, you will remember this.  Over the course of the last couple of weeks, while we have been moving, I was concerned with hanging curtains in the living room.  So oh, you know, I could walk around naked, and keep my personal schtuff, well you know personal.  Well I borrowed the electric drill set from the FIL, as ours was somewhere yet unpacked.  The hubbie asks me not to put a million holes in the wall, just to wait on him to come home from work, and he would put up the curtain rod holders.   He said I lacked the "equipment" to do it properly without a million holes.  Okay.  So he continues to tease me about little things I did, that I wasn't well enough "equipped" to do.  Insinuating that I needed a dinkie doo to accomplish such manly tasks. It has become our little inside joke. So guess whose "equipment" still hasn't assisted him in putting the curtains up? Right-o.  Guess whose "equipment" led to the biggest moving misadventure I have ever had, and the only time this has ever happened to  me? Right, you got it. 

So the moral of the story is, You need the right "equipment" to get things done, and done the right way.  The "equipment" that grows children, takes care of them, and nurtures them.  The same "equipment" that allows us to loves husbands unconditionally ,to work together, to compromise, and to take care of our families. The same "equipment" that put the curtains up without saying a word.  The very same "equipment" that will sit back and help you repack the truck when your "equipment" malfunctions, and allows you to forget to tie everything down so it doesn't blow away.  The same "equipment" that allows me to love you with all of my soul, to forgive and forget, and to find the humor in everything.  The "equipment" that loves you more than anyone else ever could, my woman's heart.

Friday, January 25, 2013

And the Leibster Award Nominees Are....


I got nominated for the Leibster Award! I got nominated, I got nominated!  Thank you Desiree over at So Sew Mama for thinking I am worthy and nominating me! Your awesome! Whooo-Hoo! I was one eleven nominees this award was bestowed upon!

Now you ask, "What exactly is a Leibster Award?"  Well dear readers, it is a nomination from another blogger, that means your blog is an up and coming blog!  It is for bloggers that have less than 200 followers, that deserve some recognition and support. We all need a little support to keep on blogging, right? Well, the award is passed on to other bloggers that fit the criteria, to help spread the word!  It is also a fabulous way to get to know your fellow bloggers!

From what was passed on to me, my predecessors  have researched the word leibster.  Leibster is a German word meaning; sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

The Rules are simple

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

Gingerssnaps Nominees for The Leibster Award

10. Modern Mama Dramas
11.  My Life, My Lung, My Brain, My Spine

11 Questions For My Nominees/Recipients

1. Where were you born?
2. What is your most favorite thing from childhood?
3. Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now? Is it the same reason you started blogging?
4. What is your favorite silly made up word?
5. Who is your favorite leading man/woman?
6. Who is your favorite heroine /hero from any book and why?
7. Have you gotten to know any of your fellow bloggers personally?
8.  What is your favorite holiday?
9.  Who is your role model and why?
10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you there yet, and are you what you wanted to be as a child?
11. What is your favorite quote?

 11 Random Facts About Little Old Me

1. I love Pomegranites!
2. My husband and I own a Harley Davidson.
3. I love to read!
4. I have 3 tattoos.
5. I miss my mother every day, since I lost her on 11.22.11.
6. I am a cry baby! I cry at sad commercials!
7. I just finished moving yesterday from Kentucky back to my home state of West by God Virginia!
8. My favorite colors are purple and green.
9. Photography is my passion!
10. My wedding colors were red, orange, and yellow.
11. I am lucky enough to be married to my soul mate!  I found him, conked him over the head with a frying pan, and drug him to the altar!  Just kidding! A little WV humor for you!

Desiree's Questions for Me

1. What is your favorite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerios.
2. Coffee or tea? Tea, the sweeter the better! I am Iron deficient, so I can only have it occasionally!
3. What movie always makes you cry? My favorite, Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey!
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why? Atlantis Resort, Spa, and Casino.  Because I have been there twice, and I LOVE it! I would stay in the $25,000 suite that connects the two main towers, that THE crown prince of Saudi Arabia keeps on reserve!

5. Favorite Disney Character , and why? Ariel, from the Little Mermaid.  Because she goes after what she wants and does not let anyone dissuade her from what she knows in her heart to be right.
6. How many pairs of shoes do you own? More than I thought since we moved! Probably 15-20.
7. Have you offended anyone with your blog – would you care if you did? I don't think so, and I hope not!  If I have, I apologize!  I try to be sensitive to extended family members issues, and those who read my blog! I have edited a few times, so as not to offend!
8. Any current events capturing your attention as of late? No Presidential term limits.
9. What was your first job?  I worked at Victoria's Secret.  No silly, not as a model! And yes I have the secret, but I was sworn to secrecy and cannot tell!
10. What super power would you possess if you could pick one? Like a Jedi Knight, the power of mind manipulation.  You can suggest things, and make people stop talking!
11. Share your favorite summer color palette with us: Red, Orange,  and Yellow of course!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Tattler Thursday Again.....1/24/13

Hi guys and gals! It's Tattler Thursday here at W3G again! Welcome back! Today is the day where parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, friends, cousins, or anyone with an awesome kid story can let down their hair and share! ...I love kids and I love kid stories! I created this event so that we could all take a minute out of our busy days and share a story and giggle at a few others! There is no purpose other than to have fun sharing war stories from in the trenches parenthood! Anything goes, gross, gooey, sticky, funny, scary, crazy, pull your hair out wild kid stories! So it's that time again, time for all you adults to tattle on your kids! So ready...set...GO! Time to tattle tell! Happy tattling! I cannot wait to read all of your great stories!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Roll With Me

Hello again! Is it me your looking for?  Thanks Lionel.  I finally found a free twenty minutes to write.  I have been a little busy lately!  I have been packing and moving back to my home state of West Virginia! No more Kentucky! Pschew!  I apologize in advance to any KY lovers out there, we did not have a good adventure in the Bluegrass, or excuse me, whatever the heck else y'all call it now state!

  So I am very stoked to be moving home.  Closer to my Dad, my in-laws, and grandparents-in-law.  They are the best babysitters in the world.  I am excited to be back in WV, close to all of my friends, and all of our extended family as well.  I swear I am coming to town soon Beckley peeps!

 This is the third time I have completely packed and moved my family since September of 2011.  We are averaging a move every 8-9 months.  I am tired.  I was released to walk again on my healed  broken leg on November 29, 2012.  December 3, 2012, we received life changing news, and started looking for a house to rent back in our home state.  That is easier said than done!  Thank God for the people he has put in mine and hubbie the dearests lives! We have lots of angels looking out for us! His grandparents found a house for us to check out.  When he took us to see the house, I fell in love.  It was big enough for our ginormous furniture, and was adorable!  The two storage buildings sealed the deal, and we were sold!  So house hunting was relatively easy!

Then came Christmas and job hunting. Not specifically in that order.  So hubbie the dearest found a new job in two weeks, and soon after he started staying in WV with his mother, to go to work without a one and a half hour drive each way!  So we had an awesome Christmas! Unspoken Christmas blessings were free flowing , and the angels in our lives, I will say again simply amaze me!

So during the past seven weeks, my family has been apart a bit.  That sucked!  But it is over now!  We have been living out of our clothes stored in trash bags and clothes baskets between my MIL's and Daddy's houses.  We even stayed a couple of nights in 'our old Kentucky home'. I know I am a cheese ball!  I am more of a schedule and habit freak than I would have ever thought!  We have had no schedule and order to our lives since the beginning of December.  I am very happy to be in our new home, and about halfway settled.  I am super glad to have my family back!

So while hubbie the dearest tackled the new job where he works twelve hours at a time, and has two weekdays off, I have been commuting to KY to pack and move us.  I couldn't do it alone.  I have had amazing help from Miss Michelle, MIL, FIL, GMIL, GFIL, Sissy the eldest , Unca D, and Sissy the Eldest's boyfriend, Mr. T(who the entire family is in love with by the way!)  We are so very blessed!

As I said before, I am tired.  I am writing to you, while waiting for dear old dad to pick me up for another trip to the bluegrass sta...or what the crap ever state it is now, oh yeah, unbridled state, or some crap like that! to love change!  And that is what this post is about actually, change.

Change is the nature of the beast.   Change is the only constant thing, well ever.  It is all about how you adapt to whatever happens to you.  Was I excited to be moving again in under a year? Heck no!  Was I excited to be coming home? YES! Did my child enjoy getting closer to her grandmother? Absolutely! Was I excited to be staying in someone else's house, and hardly ever having "just us" family time? No. Am I glad hubbie the dearest had lots of bonding time with his mother? Yes, because I know firsthand, that he will cherish this time down the road. Was it necessary? Yes.  Did I enjoy being the house guest that never leaves? No! Am I excited to be making the seventh, hour and a half trip in eleven or twelve days to Ky? Absolutely not.  Do I want to get moved? Yes!  So I am dragging my exhausted body and aching knee, yet again to our old house to finish up getting the little stuff, that we did not get with the big rented truck the day before yesterday!  Am I worried that anyone in Ky will see this post and know we are no longer living there, but some of our stuff is still there? No, because we did not make one single friend in Ky, not one.  People were not friendly like in WV.  In our little experience, they were self serving, backstabbing, mean people.  I know I am generalizing.  I apologize, I am venting!  Okay, gotta run.   I will finish when I return!

 So another trip to KY is in the books.  It's not over yet, but this moving adventure is quickly nearing a close.  Thank goodness!  Change is good.  It keeps us all on our toes.  You learn how to roll with the punches.   You learn that it is not about what happens to you, but how you roll with what happens.  It is how you handle what life throws at you.  I always try to keep the glass half full.  I am the yin to my husbands yang, he is the glass half empty kinda guy.  I am that annoyingly perky, chipper, eternally happy, positive gal that most people would like to smack.  Some people take my pesky perkiness for a sign of lacking intelligence.  I assure you, I am not lacking in either intelligence or patience.  I have a rather annoying supply of both.  Just because I choose to take the path of a lady bred with good manners, does not mean I am stupid.  It means I am smart enough to not comment on and offer up my opinion,  just for the sake of putting it out there.  I am a very opinionated chic, however, I do not choose to openly argue, with the intent of swaying others to my way of thinking.  I do not need others to affirm my intelligence, or my opinions or values.  In my expert opinion, a lady always knows when to keep her mouth shut. 

 That being said, it's all how you roll with circumstances.  Life is totally awesome one day, and then throws a big old crap and snow snowball at you the next.  I can honestly say there is way more positive in my life than negative.  When I start to think how right in the middle of this moving ordeal, my phone screen dies, and the phone becomes unusable, or how my car almost blows both tie rods and bearings, as well as needs new tires, and all seems so very negative, like okay karma what else are you going to throw at me, we already paid double rent on two houses, and deposit, then security deposits on all the new utilities, ACK!  We are not made out of money!  So of course when it rains it pours.  I am tired of the downpour! And moving.  Did I mention I hate moving? I have gotten very good at it though....see there comes the positive peeking out!

That's when all of our many angels stepped in and rescued us!  Angels above must have been watching out for us, because my car should have blown the tires and tie rods a long time ago, which would have caused the car to flip over and over. Thank goodness my lil punkin doo and I were not in the car!  And then you have the angels that are in your life everyday.  The friends and family that pay it forward to you when bad stuff happens.  The kind that save your a$#, just when everything looks so bleak you want to cry.  They are the kind that make sure you have a working phone, and just pick up the auto tab without blinking, even though they did not need to foot the bills.   And then they tell you not to worry about it, just to pay it forward!

 SO to close, I did not edit or proofread this post, so bear with me!  My family and I are definitely blessed with the most awesome family and friends in the entire world!  So when I think of all the negative, I make myself think of all the positive, and it's impossible to be down.  With all my many angels and blessings, how can I be anything but positive and thankful for them?  Life is a roller coaster of bad and good, and it's all how you spin it.  So spin it positively and roll with me!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tattler Thursday 1/17/13

It is Tattler Thursday again over here at The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps!  For those of you new to my page, Tattler Thursday is your chance to be a tattle teller!
 Tattler Thursdays are all about telling funny parenting stories, hilarious babysitting stories, crazy stories about your kids, somebody else's kids, or kids in general!  You do not have to be a parent to tell us a story!  This is where once a week, you can let your hair down, vent, rant, share, and be in like company! Everybody  has a nutty kid story!  Anything goes! This is your chance to tattle on your kids, because we all know, they love to tattle on you! Nothing is too weird or gross or off limits!  I love kids, and kids stories!  So start sharing people!  Don't be afraid! Get to tattling!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mrs. O'Hara, Puking, Momma's Bible, Towels, and 3000

 I am PMS'ing.  I have only PMS'd two to three times in the last year.  As to why, well you need to read A Scrape, A Burn, 6 incisions, 4 units of blood, and a Little Heart Shaped Surprise .  So  we are in the process of moving.  Well, sort of.  There's a catch you see, we actually haven't started.  Moving that is.  I started.  And it sucks.  After having gone all but one month in the last eight, without the womanly curse, Mrs. O'Hara if you please, she is so not welcome back.  Especially now, when I need to be busting my booty putting away all the Christmas everything, and then packing to move.  By the end of the month.  Mrs. O'Hara came to visit the day before yesterday while mini-vacationing at my dad's house in WV.  The visit was planned, but I extended it a couple of days, to avoid the inevitable packing and moving.  Ugh.  My hubbie came up to spend the night with myself and the 4yo at my daddy's.  It's like after having been apart for five days, my one remaining ovary, which is no longer connected to anything, said, "whoa, hold up, I can still party like a rockstar!  I smell the hub testosterone!  I smeeeeellllllll it!"  Creak, groan, pinch, cramp, smoke emitting forth out of the hoochie girl, and whamm-o, it's kicking again.  I'll be damned.  Everytime I mention being gloriously rid of Mrs. O'Hara, bam!  It's like she hears me!  She says," Oh no my dearie, your not done yet!  You thought you were done? Oh sorry! HATE to be an inconvenience(insert wicked grin and evil laugh here)!" So while I don't feel like doing anything but laying in bed, I have been running errands.  For the last six days. Ugh.  And I have been a little sensitive. I am sure my MIL is reading this going,"you call that sensitive?"  Sorry MIL, love you!
 So anyway, while at the father's, we had a 4yo puking incident.  As soon as we fell asleep.  I woke up to a cough.  Not just any cough, THE cough.  The one that means, here it comes, the big one!  And it was one of those lovely ginormous ones.  The kind where the child's dinner was not digested.  Yup big ol' non digested cheese globs.  Yummy.  All over the sheets, the comforter ,pink and white jammies, four pillows, three blankets, two afghans, and all over the brand new pink pillow pet. ( Feel free to sing along to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas!) So needless to say, Dad and I did not get any sleep that night!  We were up washing everything off and out in the sinks, and the dreaded stench of the inside of my child's stomach invaded my nostrils and stayed there. Ugh.
 So the rest of the night, I am reliving washing the puke out of my child's clothes. No sleep for dear old mom.  Every time she coughed or made a noise, I was right there, under her face with a peach trash can.  I did not want puke all over, well... everywhere again.  Plus we were running out of blankets! I decided to go through my mother's books, while I was on yak detail.  My mother's bookshelf is right beside her bed.  She passed away a year ago to the day on Thanksgiving Day, of last year. My mother had a habit of putting tissues to mark her page in a book, when she was out of bookmarks.  So I decided I was ready to look at the last things my mother had been reading.  Several books were about love, several about health, some she had started and never finished, and there were many containing poetry and verse, which she loved.  And then there was her green bible.  I opened her bible, curious as to what I might find.  I found all of the usual things, obituaries of long gone relatives, programs from wakes past, and my grandfather's funeral program.  Then as I was flipping through to where the pages fell open, the book fell open to the twenty second and twenty third Psalm.

  There was a blood stain on the left hand side, where the twenty second Psalm was located.   There was an elongated strip of dried blood starting at the top, and one single dot at the bottom.  Tears just started silently falling from my eyes.  I knew my mother had been here and read these pages before she died.  I later discussed it with my dad, and we decided she had probably been reading her bible one day, ad had a nose bleed.  I cannot describe the feeling I had had as I read the words that my mother had been reading.  I knew instantly what she was feeling.  Here is an excerpt from that page;
The Holy Bible: King James Version. 2000.
The Psalms

A Cry of Anguish and Song of Praise
To the chief Musician upon Ai'jeleth Shahar, A Psalm of David.
1 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Mt. 27.46 · Mk. 15.34

Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?
2 O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not;

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tattler Thursday 1/10/13

Hi there my dear and devoted followers!  Guess what?  That's right, it is Tattler Thursday again!  Time to share your funny stories about childrearing and your little angels!  Remember , I love kids, love to hear kid stories, and anything goes here at W3G on Tattler stories!  The only rule is, your stories have to be about kids!  Your kids, step kids, if you babysit or nanny kids, your grandkids,  great grandkids,your nieces and nephews, your bff's kids, that kid that hit me on the head in a restaurant, while I was in a wheelchair with my broken leg, with his great aunt's birthday sign on a yardstick because of poor parental control, etc.  Time to share your funniest, craziest, weirdest, most exasperating, shaking your head kid moments!  I am going to share a couple of mine too today!  My goal is to get more stories than last week!  We had 10 last week!  Growing slowly but surely!  Alrighty then, so get to tattlin'!  Cannot wait to read your stories! Happy Tattlin'!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Potty Wipeout (A 'Snaps Post)

The Kid(4yo), has a thing for injuring the same spot on her face. Same place as the beach injury! This time she fought the toilet paper holder, and the holder won! (With a big dent from her hard noggin!) She was falling asleep on potty right before bed last night(up late watching Star Wars with Grandpa...AGAIN) and while I was wipin' the booty, she reached to put her weight on the toilet paper rod, and fell off the potty, and scraped her face down the holder bar on the way to wipin' out! Doctor Grandpa to the rescue! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tattler Thursday 1/3/13

It's Tattler Thursday again!  I love kid stories.  Funny, gross, cute, sweet, kid stories that make you giggle, laugh out loud until your sides hurt, or wrinkle your nose and be glad that wasn't your kid!  Anything goes!  The point is to share in the trenches motherhood and fatherhood stories that helped us earn our parent badges.  Everybody has them, don't be afraid to share!  I can't wait to get busy reading your hilarious, cute, and gross stories! So get busy sharing your most awesome kid story!  I only had one participant for the first ever tattler Thursday, so I will post her story in the comments section below! Thanks Cristyl! I know it takes a while for new 'interactive' events to take off, but here's to hoping there are many cute and funny stories today! Happy Tattling!  You can also leave your story in the comments on my FB page,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inklings Photo Challenge January 2012

Hi there!  All of you that know happy, positive, funny lil' old me, also know that I love Photography, and have done it on the side for years!  As far as passions go, there are three for me! Photography, writing, and family.  Well and the Harley. Soooo, I am participating in a fun lil' gals photo challenge during the month of January! Here is a link to her blog,, so you can participate too! .  Here is her Photo challenge, complete with all of her Facebook and Twitter info @ the bottom!    See her page for rules.  C'mon, play along, challenge your photo creativity!  Oh and besides having fun, she is awarding PRIZES at the end of the month for her favorite photos! Today is day #2, so get started!  I will also be posting an album of all my submitted photos @ the end of the month!  Happy 'snapping!