Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So, a little history to get started.  We got a new house.  I went over two days ago to get started cleaning  before we move in.  It was cleaner than anything we had looked at, and it is such a cute little house, that we just HAD TO have it.  Soooooo, now it's ours.  It and all the hair that come with two dogs and a house cat.  My grandmother-in-law jokingly asked me if I wanted to make a pillow with all the hair from the intake vents, so that our dear husbands would believe us!  "Why does it take more than two days to clean a house?" Well there was also the extermination of the itty bitty eight legged creatures to deal with, who had apparently decided to colonize in the house for the two months it sat empty.  Then there was the inch long mold formation on the inside of the toilet, the spiders that kept popping up everywhere(after extermination), the dog hair inside the fridge(even in the ice maker I tell you) and the ac vents that were all breeding tiny dogs on the inside!  Crazy! And then I ran out of cleaning solution! And then the three year old needed a nap both days.  And then there is the issue of the grass not being mowed for almost a month.  Men are hilarious when they think spring/fall cleaning should take all of one day!
Now let's discuss the kitchen drawers.  They are plastic bins bolted onto wooden drawer fronts.  I kid you not.  I have spent the majority of the two days in the new, rather old kitchen!  There is a gas stove.  Let me repeat that.  THERE IS A GAS STOVE!!!!!  It scares me!  I have never had a gas stove in my life!