Friday, March 29, 2013

My Easter Hop Lib

Here is my first ever Hop Lib!

Here comes Benji satintail
skipping down the mouse trail
cute hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Bringin` every egg and bunny
easter baskets
full of Easter angry Things to make your Easter
sad and happyHe`s got skittles for Carter Colored chicken tikka masala for sister Hayden There`s an daisy for your mommy
And an Easter dress too

Oh! here comes Benji satintail
hopping down the mouse trail
cute hoppity,
happy Easter Day

Here comes Benji satintail
rolling down the mouse trail
cute hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Try to do the things you should
Maybe if you`re extra sticky He`ll jumping lots of Easter deviled eggs your way

You`ll wake up on Easter 1 o'clock And you`ll know that he was there
When you find those grape chicks That he`s hiding everywhere

Oh! here comes Benji satintail
Hoppin` down the mouse trail
cute hoppity, happy Easter Day
cute hoppity, happy Easter Day

Too cute! Now hop on over to the hop libs hop, and fill out yours!

First Ever Hop Libs Blog Hop!!!

Hiya Whipper Snappers! Welcome to the first ever Hop Libs Blog Hop! I love Mad Libs! SO when my good friend, Miss Cristyl, over at CHill Thoughts , asked me to coo-host a blog hop with her, I was super excited! Good friend+ blog hop+ and Mad Libs= Super Awesome Hop Libs Blog Hop! So take a peek, fill out the form, and check out your funny Easter Hop Lib! Hop Libs Blog Hop will be happening every Saturday, but this first one lasts all Easter Weekend! I think we, as bloggers, get so bogged down with numbers, and a thousand blog hops a week, that we forget that this is suppose to be fun! SO here it is , courtesy of Chill Thoughts and myself(who was honored to be asked to co-host), a fun blog hop, where you don't have to write! You just come up with words! So fill out the form below, click to create, and have fun reading you very own Hop Lib! And don't forget to copy and paste the Hop Lib into a blog post, and to share your hilarious Hop Lib post with Us! Happy Hop Libbing!

Please follow both your hostesses on whatever social media you prefer

You provide us with 26 little words in the blanks below and we'll provide you with your very own HOP Lib, a Mad Libs-style story, you can copy and paste into a blog post.  Please mention the hop and link back to us; grab our button and include it on your blog or in your post if you can.

Then, come back here and link up your post with your HOP Libs story!  Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy!

I'll be including my HOP Lib at the very end of this post, below the link-up, so that the surprise isn't ruined for you before you complete your own HOP Lib.

Your hostesses are:



The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps

Create your HOP Lib:


HOP Libs Blog Hop Word Game






Our HOP Lib is generated by Mad:)Takes - thanks for providing the fun!

Check mine out in the Linky above! Hilarious!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tattler Thursday #14

Hi guys and gals! It's Tattler Thursday here at W3G again! Welcome back! Got your funny kid stories ready for me? Awesome! But today we are also sharing funny kid photos and the stories behind them! Today is the day where parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, friends, cousins, or anyone with an awesome kid story can let down their hair and share! ...I love kids and I love kid stories and pictures! I created this event so that we could all take a minute out of our busy days and share a story or picture, and giggle at a few others! There is no purpose other than to have fun sharing war stories  and pictures from in the trenches parenthood! Life is too rough and crappy some days, that we just all need a little place to go and read something to make us smile, or see a cute baby picture to make us giggle! This is my attempt to brighten your day and mine! Anything goes, gross, gooey, sticky, funny, scary, crazy, pull your hair out wild kid stories! Pull out those busted kid pictures! The ones you are saving for when they are 16, to show their first date! Even funny stories and photos from when YOU! Time to tattle tell! Happy tattling! I cannot wait to read all of your hilarious stories, and see all of the funny photos you guys come up with!
P.S. I had a crazy idea! Would any fellow bloggers be interested in hosting a Tattler Thursday Blog Hop with me? Food for thought!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pros and Cons

Yesterday I had a fairly productive day.  I swept the floors, did the dishes, cleaned the stove, cleaned the dining room table, and got four loads of laundry done.  I also gave my lil punkin doo a bath, and I squeezed a shower in too! We also had art/painting time, play time, book time, and "make-up" time! Yeah! I'm the woman! Those are the items for my 'pro' list. They are not funny or gross, but productive.

Now for the cons. And the hilarious. Well dear readers, after art time, my 4yo sat on her art table. Can you guess what happened next? Right, she broke it. Thank goodness art time and the paint was already put away. The thirty five year old wooden art table, buckled underneath her, pitching her into floor.  This was my art table when I was four, and was not made for sitting.  Then or now apparently.  One of the legs broke off of the table.  The same leg that was broken off when I retrieved it from my parents house for my daughter.  Hubbie the Dearest's grandfather, who can fix anything, reattached the leg to the table for me, and we had a sentimental art table for my 4yo.  As she plunked into the floor, she was more surprised than hurt.   A surprised face, and a lesson as to why we do not sit on our art tables.
                                                                  Before the accident.

(Okay, so this is a misplaced Pro, but it fits in the Con time flow thingy)After art time, my lil punkin doo decided it was time to play "makeup".  We have played 'makeup' everyday this week! 4yo is on a 'makeup' kick. My MIL bought the 4yo 4-8 kid makeup sets, when they were on clearance after Christmas! Awesome! She even has a little makeup case. So she put her makeup on, and then she was determined to put lipstick on my lips.  First she put lipgloss on me.  No problem! Then we wipe off the lip gloss, and she decides that we need to have matching lipstick.  Oh, how cute you say! Right! Except for the fact that the only shade of lipstick she owns is hot pink.  I don't mean light 4yo play pink, I mean the kind of pink, that once it's on, it isn't ever coming off.  I mean through multiple showers and a Brillo pad, not coming off.  1980's hot pink. Dark, stain your lips hookah hot pink. So I try to tell her no, I do not want the lipstick on me.  I tell her she can lip gloss me all day long, and I even offer myself up to sparkly silver eye shadow, all to no avail.  She has her determined little 4yo brain set to mission- 'lipstick the mommy'.  So As I am wrestling her off of me, we both start giggling! She is all arms and legs, monkey wrestling me, coming at me with this ungodly shaded tube of  'kid' lipstick.  Let's take a moment to ask ourselves, what toy company in the world makes lipstick for kids that will not come off? EVER?
  SO how do I know this lipstick never comes off, you ask? Because we, and when I say we, I mean the MIL, Hubbie the Dearest, and I, have all worn this hooker stain on multiple occasions.  Oh yes, she even convinced Daddy! All for the love of our precious little scheming stinker.
So the giggling eventually ends up in her winning. I agreed to offer up my lips for her 'make-up-ing", if she agreed to give up some pics! I had already snapped some! So here you go.  If you do not have a 4yo stinker-loo chasing you around with hookah pink lipstick, here is what it is like!

                                                             Mommy, come here!
                               Mommeh, could you pleeeeaaase come here, so I can lipstick you?

I see you mommy, you cannot hide from me! 
                                                          And let's try this again!
Got the momma! See?
Pucker up!
Time for a touch up!
Silly Faces!
I'm Hot stuff!
Bahahahaha! Gotcha!
Okay! Bathtime!
I then put my paint and makeup covered daughter into the tub.  She was soaking and playing, which gave me a few minutes to hop online.

So about twenty minutes into soaking, I hear my daughter hop out of the tub and holler for me. "Mommmmmmy!" I asked her what was wrong, as I ran to the bathroom.  When I get there, this is what I see.
My artsy little poop picture!
Right! Blek, gag, sputter, cough.  I have not had to deal with poop in the tub since age 1.5.  What is this?  How did this even happen? My child is potty trained! What the!@#%$? When I asked her what happened, as I fought to control my urge not to yak, she relpies,"It just came out!" Really? To have just came out, it seems relatively solid.  She said she hopped on the potty to go more when she realized what was going on. Nice.  I am not suppose to ever have to deal with this again! Really? This just had to happen! Must be Karma calling, or the universe evening things out, for us having so much make-up, and art time fun.  I swear, I certainly did not to come running into the bathroom, to find  ginormous floaters in my tub! Argh, the things we deal with as mothers! So obviously this was a con! Oh and when I went to scoop it out, I missed and smooshed it against the side of the tub.  More floaters for me yaaay! Disinfecting here we come! Blek!

Yes, as always, your welcome!

Then the major Pro of the day! I conquered my daughter's hair.  Now, her hair has always been straight.  Up until age three.  Then it became straight out curly.  No pun intended. She does not get this from me! I have thick coarse hair, but no curls.  Until the white came, that is.  But my MIL and Sissy the Eldest do have curls.  I have been through hell the past couple of years, since my 4yo's hair has gotten long and curly.  It is a screaming, crying, pleading, begging, anger management session for us both, that more often than not ends in tears! So yesterday, I decided to try hair gel. And it worked! Just like that! No tears, no screaming from brushing the knots out of her hair, no crying, begging me to stop hurting her, just scrunching and success! And it still looked good after naptime! Hallelujah! It worked! I felt so accomplished as a mother! I finally get the mommy hahir badge! I am smarter than my daughter's hair! And it still looked good for library time this morning! A mommy friend, who I was sharing my huge success with, at library time this am, Miss TP, told me that mousse works better! We will definitely have to try that next! Thanks Miss TP! Yaaay hair badge!

Have a great day 'Snappers!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Blogging Opportunity? Anyone?

Good afternoon Whipper Snappers!  We are fast approaching another huge milestone here at W3G! 5000 page views! 54 more views and we are there! My little blog is rolling right along!  Huge deal to me! HUGE! Thank you Whipper Snappers, for coming back again and again! So, in honor of our milestone, I am putting out a call for guest bloggers! Those who would like the opportunity to guest post for me, to grow your blog, gain new readers, or simply to speak your mind in a different forum!  New bloggers, this is a great way to get your voice heard!

I was recently chosen to write a guest post over at The Sadder But Wiser Girl , for her week of guest bloggers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of her favorite bloggers, and have started following quite a few of them! I would like to do the same for you, extend the opportunity, and have a week's worth of guest bloggers to write for your enjoyment!

 My first guest blogger was Miss Cristyl over at CHill Thoughts , who was featured when my little bloggy blog hit the 4000 page view milestone! If you missed her post, here is the link! And My First Guest Blogger Is.... .

So think real hard.......... and when you decide you are my next featured blogger, to guest post during my featured blogger week, email me at ! I am super excited! 

The week will be April 7-April 13, 2013. I cannot wait to hear from you!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Snot Wars and Other Adventures; A Day in the Life">Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

Lately I have been a little cosmically overwhelmed by the multitude of life changing exceptionally craptastic events happening in my life.  So much so, that I, the one who never shuts up, has been rendered virtually, cyber-speechless.  In  other words, so as not to get everyone down, or be a Debbie Downer, spread all of my families craptastic karma, put some seriously private life events out there, ruin others careers, or to tarnish my ever so squeaky clean positivity, I have not written a good heartfelt post in a while.  Not to mention, I HAVE A 4YO! We are hanging in there, even before the multiple events of this week, we were already in the middle of Crapupon city. Self preservation mode is the name of the game.  It has been since before Christmas.  We are hanging in there, through all the ridiculous effing shit, that all of the formers in our lives feel the need to trial and tribulate us with. We are good , thanks for asking.  We have been forced to hunker down and reach our inner Zen like peace with ourselves, each other, and focus on what's really important, us.  Our family. We will be okay, we can get through anything together, us together against the world!  Duh da da duh duuuh! Super Snaps!  There, see? Perfectly righteous explanation without busting anybody out, or revealing to you, the extremely ridiculous forced goings on in our life as of late! So on to the not so crappy, what you've all been waiting for, the actual post, the positivity part, my joy(4yo), and the hilarity.


A Day in the Life

-The 4yo had been anxiously awaiting the premier of a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, Quest For the Crystal Mickey.  This particular morning was the morning of the premier.   It's like Twilight-ophobia or  Potter-itis for the 1-5yo set. So I woke my sweet sleeping princess, from her deep sleep, to attend the premier.  She had been looking forward to it for two weeks.  Everyday she asked if it was time for the new MMC episode yet, or is today the day The Quest for the Crystal Mickey comes on?  So I woke her, and we watched the newest fabulousness from MMC.  She adored the new episode! So we watched it again! Kid repetitive-itis anyone? If you have a kid, I know you know what I am talking about!
-Shoveling 4yo,s breakfast into her mouth, while she watched her show, because apparently  temporary paralysis sets in, when in front of MMC, watching a new episode.
-Next up was today's pre-k activities, The letter K, letter sounds, and working on sounding out words.
-Then it was time to play Dragonland, my daughter's made up game of dragon inter-dragon communication, complete with mini-plastic dragons.
-For kicks and giggles, we wrestled around on the bed, and she climbed on my back to play 'horsey'.  Apparently I have become a horse named Nora! I do not profess to know where she gets this stuff!
-We then took back rides around the house.
-Human London Leg Bridge was up next.
-Sorting and putting in laundry is next on the list.

-"I want a guinea pig!"-4yo
"Where did you see someone that has a pet guinea pig?"-Mom
"On Gaspar and Lisa!"-4yo
"Well do you know how much work it is to take care of a pet? Did you know that you have to clean up their poop, and feed them? Did you know you have to give them a bath and play with them? ALL the time?"-Mom
"Ooohhh...(blink, blink)Welluh, maybe I don't want one yet.  Maybe when I'm a little older!"-4yo

-Washing of the dishes.
-Next up was teaching the 4yo how not to be ticklish, when being tickled.

-Then Hubbie the Dearest calls," Where have you been??? Why have you been ignoring my calls? Have you checked the mail yet???"
"I have been playing, teaching, washing, laundering and watching.  Sorry I forgot to turn the phone off of vibrate!"-Mom

-"Can we talk about Star Wars VI? Why does Luke fight his Daddy , and beat and kill him?"-4yo
"Because he does.  Ask your father."-Mom(oopsie, Hub and I fell asleep during a SW marathon, and she stayed awake! So she saw that before Christmas...and we are still getting ?s)

-"Mommy, I know what the force is!"-4yo
"Really? What?"-Mom
"It's when you put your hand up, and you can make things come to you without picking them up!"(envision child with one hand up and shaking it while squinting eyes to focus really hard, all while making the poopie concentration face)-4yo
"Put your hand up..."-4yo
"okay..."-Mom(puts hand up)
(as she runs into my hand, and arms)"See, that's what the force is!"(LMBO)

-Discovering that my precocious 4yo has not drawn on her walls, but on her art table.  When asked about this, she replies," I needed somewhere bigger to draw!"
-During letter M and m writing practice," Momma! Those look like bewwwbies! HeeHeeHee!"(the humps on the little m) Lord help her Kindergarten teacher!

-The Snot Wars. A NEVER. ENDING. BATTLE.  4yo-"I don't like snot on me!" Mom-{thought bubble} So why do you keep wiping the snot across your cheek, across your face, into your hair, on your sleeve, onto your arm, on my shirt, on my jammies, her nightgown, on daddy's shirt, on the floor, and anywhere else that it is not humanly possible for me to reach before she smears her nose slime on! ARGH! I always hated messy kids, especially ones with snotty noses and crusties, but recently, I have given up! My kid has been, for the duration of her most recent runny nose(*remnant of her most recent flu bout*)that kid with the never ending snotty nose.  You wipe it, more squishes out! So all of the events of this particular day in our lives, was also while constant snot battling! AND, she wont stick a tissue up her nose to get it all out.  Aaaahhhh she's a tried and true wiper!

So I finally hop in the shower, thinking I was going to get 15 minutes of peace and quiet due to a re-run of Quest for the Crystal Mickey, when I am scared half to death.  I nearly jump out of my skin, when I feel a hand reach through the shower curtain for me.  Then I jerk open my eyes, and the same little hand pokes me as I scream! ARGH! "4yo(insert name here)" I fuss, "STOP!  It's not nice to do tha....(as she pokes me again)STOP! GO WATCH MMC! NOW!" All to the sound of magical, tinkling, I gotcha Mom, uncontrollable giggles! After I calmed down, I giggled too!

-After my shower, it was lunchtime.  I go about making lunch, and as we sit down at the table to eat, I look up and there is a giant stink bug on the top of my kitchen windowsill. Ugh, creepy crawlies. Shiver. He is unreachable.  So I am watching him as he crawls ever closer to his undeniable demise.  He stops for a minute and appears to look at me, or re-think his deadly path across and down the windowsill to me. He was a brave little stinkbug, he crawled down to where I could reach him, and whack, I took a swing.  I only succeeded in taking his legs off.  Panic set in, OH NO! I thought! I have never encountered the rumored stink of a stink bug, but people on FB complain about it all the time, so it must be so(wink)!  So I frantically search for his little legless body, and find him on my ivory covered chair.  I paused for a quick second to contemplate the mess (vs.) the stink, and the mess won! I am happy to conclude that I got him before he got me!

-I finally made my ham sandwich for lunch.  Staring up at me was a heart shape in the center of the ham.  I was forced to wonder if there was a vegan working in a butcher shop somewhere, secretly begging for us all to spare the pigs, or if it was a message from God. To remember to laugh in the midst of all the craziness? Maybe the worker simply wanted me to have a great day? Maybe all pigs insides are heart shaped? Strange, this moment of forced, universal/pig contemplation. Absurd, it must be...anyway it forced me to pause, and say,"aaww, there's a heart in my ham!"

-After lunch I go to throw away our lunch remnants and paper towels, and there is a ladybug climbing out of the bag. More bugs.  Greeeeaat!

-As I was starting to make lunch, I hear Mickey asking his usual line at the beginning of every MMC episode," Would you like to come inside my clubhouse?" Which is kind of creepy if you think about it, a la, Buffalo Bill and his white van, in Silence of the Lambs(my fav).  I hear the 4yo responding," Yes, to get away from my bad guy momma!" (For not taking her to the park on that windy, cold, 39 degree winter day!)

-I am doing the lunch and breakfast dishes.  I am treated to the 4yo suddenly screaming, louder than the running water one room away"Accelerando!" In 32 different ways, all with a different emphasis point! All at the top of her lungs! Thanks little Einsteins!

-I then inform little miss punkin doo that it is now time for a nap. Period.
She responds," Mom, we need to talk.   I am not a good napper.  I want to get into other kid stuff..."
Followed by,"AND NO RUNNING ERRANDS! I HATE RUNNING ERRANDS! AND I ALSO HATE NAPS, I just like to play, and, I want to write a story...on your computer!" SO who do you think NEEDS a nap? Right, ME and her!
 So we climb into bed, and three minutes later, she has to poop.  SO I tell her to holler when she is done.  I hear,"Mommy......"
Mommy-"Yes dear?"
4yo-"Hurry, there's a bug on the ceiling..."
Mommy-"Seriously? Are you done or trying to get out of nappie-time?"
4yo-"No Mommy, there is really a bug!"
Mommy-"Okay, I am coming!"
DRAT, there is another stinkin' stink bug on the ceiling! Bugs seem to come in twos around here! Geez! I hate bugs!
Bathroom diversion conversation, how 4yo will learn how to act like a little lady...
4yo-"I DON"T WANNA be a lady!"

-Went to store for dinner
-Return home to devouring of chocolate easter bunny butts, and sock skating across the kitchen/living room floor! All before dinner! And did I mention the other 400 questions 4yo's ask every day? R.I.G.H.T! Parenthood isn't for those who lack extreme patience, or for the weak!

Hope you all enjoyed a day in our wild and wonderful world!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tattler Thursday #13

Hi guys and gals! It's Tattler Thursday here at W3G again! Welcome back! Got your funny kid stories ready for me? Awesome! But today we are also sharing funny kid photos and the stories behind them! Today is the day where parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, friends, cousins, or anyone with an awesome kid story can let down their hair and share! ...I love kids and I love kid stories and pictures! I created this event so that we could all take a minute out of our busy days and share a story or picture, and giggle at a few others! There is no purpose other than to have fun sharing war stories  and pictures from in the trenches parenthood! Life is too rough and crappy some days, that we just all need a little place to go and read something to make us smile, or see a cute baby picture to make us giggle! This is my attempt to brighten your day and mine! Anything goes, gross, gooey, sticky, funny, scary, crazy, pull your hair out wild kid stories! Pull out those busted kid pictures! The ones you are saving for when they are 16, to show their first date! Even funny stories and photos from when YOU! Time to tattle tell! Happy tattling! I cannot wait to read all of your hilarious stories, and see all of the funny photos you guys come up with!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest Blogging Today over at The Sadder But Wiser Girl...

Hiya Whipper snappers!  Today marks another milestone here at gingerssnaps, My first guest blogger engagement!  Today I wrote a throwback funny little post for Miss Sarah over at The Sadder But Wiser Girl.  She is taking a week off from the blogosphere, and is have a week long line up of incredible guest bloggers! She called me and the other guesties for this week, "epic."  Do you know how happy that make me? Oodles and boogles happy! (picture happy dance here) I hope I have done her proud! Or at least chuckling!
This one's for Hubbie the Dearest!
So It is also St Patrick's Day!'s a sneak peek of my  guest post, St. Patrick's Day and The Prom Date Snatcher!

  ...When he came back from military school, we resumed our little relationship, going to the movies, group teenage movie dates, sneaking out to hair gel and shaving creaming the house of the guy that stole my dad's baby Jesus, from our nativity, in the middle of the night, him hanging out with my family, and then my senior year we hooked each other up with our best friends.  No I am actually not kidding about my dad's baby Jesus. Or the best friend fix up.  A kid in the closed in community where we grew up, a lawyer's kid who was Mr. Know It All, stole our baby Jesus, and was bragging about it at school!  Well my dad was furious, because you had to buy the whole nativity family, you couldn't just go pick up a baby Jesus at Kmart! So this time, after buying another entire nativity set, my Dad chained baby Jesus down.  I. AM. NOT. KIDDING!  Then he hid in my bedroom window and peeked out to catch Mr. Know It All, trying to still baby Jesus #2.  Yup, that was my good 'ol country boy daddy, who by day was actually a doctor. Not all  uncivilized-like chaining, by choking him with a chain around his neck, but drilled holes in his feet, and ran it through.  Keep in mind, I am from West Virginia! Anyway, back to my disasterous prom story!....

For the rest of my post, hop on over to The Sadder But Wiser Girl and check out my guest post! Tell her Gingerssnaps sent you!  Here is the link .


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Are You Game..Tag, I'm It!

 Hi there my little whipper snappers! I got tagged for this little game by Megan over at
 Modern Mama Dramas . Thanks for inviting me to your game! I feel like a fabulous 'it' girlie girl! Go check her out if you have a second! She is hilarious I tell ya, hilarious!
This is a little blogger's game of well, TAG, YOUR IT! It is to get to  know your fellow bloggers! No rules, just answer the questions, tag whoever you like, and there is no set number of tag-ees! So here we go!
1.  WHERE WERE YOU BORN?    I was born in Newport News, Virginia. Lived there for 2 weeks, and moved home to West by God Virginia, where I have been ever since, except our recent, non fun, foray into Kentucky. 

 Nope.  Well sort of.  My mom wanted me to have an original name 38.5 years ago, and loved dancing.  She also wanted me to have red hair like her.  So I guess a teensy inspiration came from Ginger Rodgers/Fred Astaire, because she loved old dancing movies, especially theirs!

3. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE?   I have a 20.5 year old step daughter, an 18.5 year old stepson, and a daughter of my loins that is a very full of herself, that is 4.5.

4. HOW MANY PETS DO YOU HAVE?   None...wait, does the 4.5 year old count! TeeHee! No seriously, we do have 1 pet. My 4.5 year old has a pet fish.  A plastic one.

5. YOUR WORST INJURY?  Never really had an injury, except poking myself in the eye with a toothbrush, which you can read about here, The New Toothbrush Incident , until this past summer, when I broke my knee and leg at the beach! Split My knee and halfway on down my leg, and split the back side too,  (of my leg!!!)and compressed both side tops of my knee bone.  Amazing enough, no surgery was required.  I have several funny broken leg related posts! Here is the first one! Top 40 Things I have learned from Breaking My Leg

 Ummm....An ungodly inordinate amount of patience? Writing, humor, taking care of everyone around me, I am a mother hen, I used to do all kinds of crafty schtuff, til I had my offspring.  I love photography! I make up silly song to and about everything? I can apply makeup with the best Hollywood artists in the biz(did my momma's when she passed), and I am an awesome friend! Who sometimes forgets to keep in touch with my besties as often as I should! Oh and I read most people very, very well!

7. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO BAKE?  Cupcakes, Muffins, cakes, cookies, all yummi stuff!

8. FAVORITE FAST FOOD?   Well right now I have been craving a big meaty, cheeseburger, so  yeah, that.
9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP?   On one of those circle bungee cord trampoline things, sure!
10. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE?  Eyes, hands, and personality.  

11. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED?  Wednesday night/am while talking to my daddy on the phone!

 Yes, but I cannot disclose my super secrets to the general population! Plus it would knock a chip off of my' find the positive in everything' public persona, wink!

Cherry Coke, Sunny D, Water. Love southern sweet tea, but I cannot have it often, as I am anemic, and it blocks Iron absorption.  I sneak occasionally!

  Skye O'Malley, and the follow up All The Sweet Tomorrows, by Bertrice Small

 Sure, the first super squeaky clean pirate

16. FAVORITE SMELLS?   I love fresh, green, citrus-y smells. Cloves. Old Spice. New baby smell. I think I'm attached to a lot more smells than I realized.

17. WHY DO YOU BLOG?   To stay sane.  I am a stay at home mommy to a 4.5 year old.  I have minimal adult human contact, unless you count my in-law family, all who want to discuss my child.  I needed somewhere to let me out, to expel, to puke out my inner thoughts, before they clog up my brain.  I write the really nasty ones on a super secret blog, that is NOT family friendly, but it is hilarious!

  Amazing Grace.  It has become my family meaningful song.  My now deceased cousin sang it at my PawPaw's funeral, It was sang at her funeral, I sang it at my Uncle's Mother's funeral, and it was sang at my mommy's funeral.  No other song would be appropriate.  I also wrote my mother's Eulogy.  THE ENTIRE THING. And put together three science fair exhibit boards of pictures, and well pretty much did or assisted my dad in doing everything for the funeral.(It was recent 11.22.11)

 That I don't stand up to people who give me their opinion on what I should do, how they think I should live my life, and how I should raise my child.  I just nod, and go on about my business.  I guess it's the southern lady in me. That is also my super power...biting my tongue...It is truly a miracle I can still talk! Hah! There are some people that really deserve a piece of my mind, but...biting my tongue...biting my tongue...biting my tongue...

  Photographing my 4.5 yr old. Blogging. Eating with friends. Hanging out with Hubbie the Dearest.(and sometimes HTD bff Unca D) And finally duh dah dah duh... Pooping alone! No seriously, that last one wouldn't count, as I gave up on it a long time ago...

21. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A FRIEND?   Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, coverurassability willingness...just kidding, I have a tribe of my best girls I wouldn't trade for the world...I am almost 40 ya know...Geez that sounds so old, how did I get to be almost 40? And the This is 40 movie? ALL TRUE! I love my friends that have been and are with me for life. That when things get a little hinky, or too deep, and I lose myself  little, that I can hang out with them, or simply talk to them, and they remind me of who I am. Of how super duper stinkin' fabulous I am!

22. NAME SOMETHING YOU'VE DONE THAT YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D DO.  Sound Like my Mother.  Like the first time I had the AHA, Oh SH&% moment was when I was sitting in the floor, vacuum upside down, between my legs,trying to pull hair out of the vacuum cleaner beater bar with tweezers.  That was the moment I knew! I am my momma! Visit so many tropical destinations. Have a private Bahamian island rented for me for a day. Some pretty crazy , and some public unmentionalables...heehee!
23. FAVORITE FUN THINGS TO DO? Beaches, play-parks(playgrounds), swimming, play dohing, painting, going out un-kid-encumbered with HTD, road trips with my daddy, reading, scalding hot bubble baths, playing adult toy store tag with friends, sunbathing and reading a book, wait I even remember doing that? It was way before my twenties! Pschew I'm getting up there!  Oh and photography!  See I am getting old, I forgot my favorite thing ever! And babysitter fueled trips to hang out with friends!

24. ANY PET PEEVES? People that feel like they have to shove their beliefs down your throat and MAKE you see their point of view! ARGH! Rude, no filter people. I don't say whatever the he!( I want, so why do u think you can? Oh that's right, I was raised a lady!
25. WHAT'S THE LAST THING THAT MADE YOU LAUGH?  My child.  She hopped on my back in bed this morning, and said giddap Nola! Who the heck is NOLA? I guess that must be her super secret horsey name for me! Hah!

Now for the tag-ees; Adventure Into Domesticland , CHill Thoughts , The Inklings of Life , The Vintage Age of Hollywood , and Enjoying the Epiphany

Hope your travel into my wild and wonderful world today was entertaining!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Co-Hosting the Friday Chaos Blog Hop

Hiya! Welcome to the Friday Chaos Blog Hop! I am one of this week's co-hosts! Check out the hop below! It's a great way to network, make new bloggy friends, and promote your blog on all your favorite social networking sites! SO pull up a chair, have a look around, and happy hopping!

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Photo Tattler Thursday #11


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The 4yo....on Star Wars

For those of you without a 4yo at home, or that have never had the pleasure of having had a 4yo, they ask 439 questions a day on average! No Joke! Well, my 4yo is in love with Star Wars Episode IV; A New Hope.  After I read her the rolling storyline, we scream with glee! Like teenagers at a Justin Beiber concert! Goodness forbid I don't start reading when she thinks I ought to...a Star Wars fan just like her daddy.  She is in pre-school adoration with Luke Skywalker.  He is the berries. She is in "luuuuuuuuuv." Her pretend friend's name has changed from Jake(and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney Jr)to Luke. We have limited her Star Wars viewing to once every 3-4 weeks, after wearing it out daily around Christmas time.

   So you may question our judgement in letting her watch Star Wars at so young an age.  My answer for you is this; I watched Star Wars, as did my husband, at age 4 and we haven't killed anybody! So keep your opinions to yourself, because this post was written as we watch Star Wars Episode IV.  This is my 4yo's running commentary, and she had me cracking up! So I decided for shi%$ and giggles, I would share it with you! So I grabbed the computer and started typing away! Hope you get a good laugh out of it! May the force be with you!
  1. "Why do sand people wear dresses?"IV
  2. "Why do Sand people wear hoods?" IV
  3. "Why did C3PO lose his arm?"IV
  4. "Who fired Luke's fahddher? I forgot"(When Anakin has lost to Obi Wan and is in the lava, losing his extremeties.)III
  5. "I bet those big warm Jabba poops are massive!"IV
  6. "She's leaning against her fahddher!"(When they are preparing to blow up Alderan, before Leia knows Vader is her father)IV
  7. "Why did her faddher pull her back?"(When they blow up Alderan, when  Vader grabs her, again before she knows Vader's true relationship to her)IV
  8. "Mama, I'm hungry for a popsicle, STAT!"
  9. "Momma, Han Solo said a dirty word!"IV
  10. "Han Solo doesn't know he said a dirty word!"IV
  11. "Storm troopers are nice to other rowbots.  See? That Storm Trooper ddn't kill C3PO!"IV
  12. "Whyshis name Porkins?"
  13. "Momma, heeees the best fightah evah! We don't have to cheer!"(For Luke, on his attack run to blow up the Death Star.)IV
  15. "Obi Wan Your baaaack! Whoo Obi Wan!"IV
  16. "Welcome R2...........D2...KING!"IV
  17. "Momma Look!"
  18. "LUKE! You did iiiiiit! Yaaaaay!" IV
  19. "Momma, Luke did it!"IV
  20. "Here's the reward thing!"(Award ceremony for blowing up Death Star and returning peace to the galaxy)IV
  21. " Silly old Solo!"IV
  22. 'Why does Han Solo look at her BOOOOOOOOOBS? Hahahahahahahaha"(When she is placing medal over his head)IV
  23. "Mommy will you be Luke Skywalker?"(suuuure....)
  24. Hi my name is _________ ________ _________, It's very nice to meet you! I have a lost toofer! Seeeeeeeeeeee? I am four, almost five. I am a little clumsy, and a loooot funny. I am also very special.  I am the most important thing in the whole wide world! (runs into piano bench while showing off...)See how I am clumsy? (big cheese eating grin.) I am a girl, cause I have long hair.  I like to play!

Monday, March 4, 2013

And The Liebster Award Nominees Are (#2)......

And the Liebster Award Nominee is ME!!!  Again! I have the honor of being nominated for a Leibster Award! For the second time! Risa over at Counting My Blessings thought I was  super awesome and deserving! Thank you so much Risa, you rock! I do apologize for the non-timely response.  The delay has been due to my entire household having the sore throaties, coughing, sneezing, upset tummies, watery eyesies, non stop poopies,  achies,and can't catch your nose runnies! Otherwise known as the cold/flusies! Blek. Cough*, sputter*, Hack*, wipe*! (and blogger deleting half of my original post! It feels like I have been working on this post for 10 years! Geez!)

Now you ask, "What exactly is a Liebster Award?"  Well dear readers, it is a nomination from another blogger, that means your blog is an up and coming blog!  It is for bloggers that have less than 200 followers, that deserve some recognition and support. We all need a little support to keep on blogging, right?  Well, the award is passed on to other bloggers that fit the criteria, to help spread the word!  It is also a fabulous way to get to know your fellow bloggers!

 My predecessors  have researched the word liebster.  Liebster is a German word meaning; sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.  I am honored to be called all of those things.  Especially cute.  I can rock cute!

The Rules are Simple

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

 11 Random Facts About Little Old Me

1. I love kid food! My favorite is grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yuuuum!
2. I am a Harley chic. Our youngest daughter's middle name is Harley.

3. I love to read, but I currently cannot find my Nook cord, so that gift card I got for Christmas, is ya know, just hangin' out!!(we recently moved!)
4. I have 3 tattoos, and want two more.
5. I lost my mother, my best friend, a little over a year ago and started a blog to deal with my grief, The Grief Chronicles .  Go check it out! Bloggy Therapy!
6. I am a cry baby! I cry at sad commercials! Which my family thinks is hilarious!
7. I am a spoiled brat! My daddy has sent me roses every year since I was four, on my birthday and Valentine's Day! He started my daughter too, when she turned four last year!
8. My favorite colors are purple and green.  I like red too!
9. Photography is my passion! I have a FB site, Gingerssnaps Photography , go check it out! NOW!(Never hurts to self promote, eh? HeeHee)

10. My wedding colors were Red, Orange,  and Yellow , and we had 19 people in our wedding party. See?

11. I am lucky enough to be married to my soul mate!  I found him, conked him over the head with a frying pan, and drug him to the altar!  Just kidding! A little WV humor for you!

And Now for the Nominees...

1. CHill Thoughts
2. ComfyTown Chronicles
3. Adventure into Domesticland
4. Our Amazing, Beautiful, Crazy Life
5. this too shall pass
6. Plain Graces
7. Pretty Little Dahlia
Controlling Craziness
9. Mommy Needs a Break

Well I know there are 'spose to be 11, but I am sick, and I am tired, and the snot won't stop drippin' and if I don't post this today Risa over at Counting My blessings is gonna shoot me! So Nine will have to do, after all I just nominated 11 in January! Wink! There are some brand new blogs on my nominees list.  Ones that I found myself stalking daily, and that I believe in! Check them all out!



11 Questions For My Nominees/Recipients

1. Where were you born?
2. What is your most favorite thing from childhood?
3. Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now? Is it the same reason you started blogging?
4. What is your favorite silly made up word?
5. Who is your favorite leading man/woman?
6. Who is your favorite heroine /hero from any book and why?
7. Have you gotten to know any of your fellow bloggers personally?
8.  What is your favorite holiday?
9.  Who is your role model and why?
10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you there yet, and are you what you wanted to be as a child?
11. What is your favorite quote?

Risa's Questions for me...

1. Why did you decide to start blogging? For me.  To keep me sane after becoming a SAHM almost 2 years ago, after quitting Corporate America.
2. What is your all time favorite book? Skye O'Malley
3. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why? Hugh Jackman, duh!(went to Jr High and HS with Jennifer Garner)
4. Who is the person that inspires you the most? My mother was.
5. What is your dream job? Driving the KARMA bus!
6. What is your favorite thing about being a parent? Hugs, Kisses, Snuggles, morning smiles, that someone calls me mommy, a little someone who thinks I am the berries, and a little someone all mine to have a bff relationship with , like I had with my mom, and grandmother! It was fulfilling my oldest dream!
7. What do you do to unwind? Karoake with Hubbie the Dearest,  and scalding hot bubble baths with a good book and a glass of Framboise Lambic.
8. Do you think of Facebook (and other social networking sites like Twitter) as a good thing or a bad thing? Why? Good for reconnecting and keeping SAHM's entertained and connected, but baaaaad because they are such time suckers, and I foresee one day my kid getting teased from some kid's mom's sister's brother in law showed the little kid a pic of my kid doing something embarrassing when she was little.  Since I chronicle our lives in pictures on my fb.
9. What is your all time favorite TV show? The Smurfs and Sons of Anarchy, Spartacus season ! was pretty awesome too!
10. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Independently wealthy, retired on my own private Bahamian Island.
11. What is your guilty pleasure? I don't deny myself things, If I want it, I have it.(I have the booty to prove it! Hah!)  So my answer would have to be date night with the hub

Hope you all enjoyed!