Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RIP Kansas City Mickey

Kansas City Mickey

Unknown-3/29/13.  He was a brave little field mouse.  His activities included scavenging for food, playing hide and seek with the Big family he recently moved in with, and exploring the unknown. He was a connoisseur of fine foods.  He was not your average peanut butter mouse, he appreciated and preferred Colby cheese.  It was his exceptional taste for good cheese, that led to his untimely demise. He led a full life right up until the end.  He reveled in putting the scare on Mrs. Big, driving Mr. Big crazy with his ability to avoid capture, participating in photo shoots, and led a good game of cat and  mouse, managing to sidestep 9 out of 10 mousetraps, set out to capture him.  It was the 10th trap that Grandpa Big caught him with. He was able to maintain his anonymity right up until  the end, hiding in the Big's house like a pro.  He was trapped you see.  He just could not dig through the steel wool, that Mr. Big had placed around his entryway, the bathroom pipes. He passed away just like a visitor in the night.  It was a quick death, he did not suffer. Death was kind to him, taking into account all of the havoc he wreaked on others before his death.  He has no known surviving family members.

RIP Kansas City Mickey

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  1. That Mr. Big is smart! Who would have thought to employ steel wool!

    As for KCM: Rest in peace, little man! ;)

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