Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tattler Thursday #16

Hi guys and gals! It's Tattler Thursday here at W3G again! Welcome back! M issed ya'll last week!Hope you all enjoyed my guest blogger series! I know I sure did! Thanks again to all my fabulous bloggers who participated! Love you ladies! So,got your funny kid stories ready for me? Awesome! But today we are also sharing funny kid photos and the stories behind them! Today is the day where parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, friends, cousins, or anyone with an awesome kid story can let down their hair and share! ...I love kids and I love kid stories and pictures! I created this event so that we could all take a minute out of our busy days and share a story or picture, and giggle at a few others! There is no purpose other than to have fun sharing war stories  and pictures from in the trenches parenthood! Life is too rough and crappy some days, that we just all need a little place to go and read something to make us smile, or see a cute baby picture to make us giggle! This is my attempt to brighten your day and mine! Anything goes, gross, gooey, sticky, funny, scary, crazy, pull your hair out wild kid stories! Pull out those busted kid pictures! The ones you are saving for when they are 16, to show their first date! Even funny stories and photos from when YOU! Time to tattle tell! Happy tattling! I cannot wait to read all of your hilarious stories, and see all of the funny photos you guys come up with! Okay, ready , set, GO!
 If you are interested in hosting my all new Tattler Thursday inspired Hop, which I hope to get up and running in the next couple of weeks ,please email me at  There is no cost associated! 


  1. My funny kid story of the day, happened yesterday at Kindergarten registration and round up. The teacher asked my lil punkin doo to draw a picture of herself. She drew a cute little stick figure with a ton of big hair. Which is correct. What is funny and made the teacher laugh, was that her stick figure was also anatomically correct! Stick figure with big hair and a va jay jay. Yup. That my girl!

    1. OH my!! I really hope you took a picture of that drawing (or kept it)!!

  2. Hi Ginger, I finally posted my Liebster answers on my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long! I nominated you for a Versatile award. Check it out in the Liebster post on my page. Have a great weekend!

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