Friday, April 5, 2013

Liebster #3 goes to...ME!

Hi whipper snappers! I am happy to announce that lots of people like me! Awesome! I have been nominated for a third Liebster Award by Miss Tara over at Blessed Double Time .  Thanks so much for nominating me, and thinking I am Liebster-Worthy! I am honored! Go check out this adorably sweet lil Carolina girl! Awards make me happy, happy, happy! Time for a happy dance! * Warm fuzzies*!

Now you ask, "What exactly is a Liebster Award?"  Well dear readers, it is a nomination from another blogger, that means your blog is an up and coming blog!  It is for bloggers that have less than 200 followers, that deserve some recognition and support. We all need a little support to keep on blogging, right?  Well, the award is passed on to other bloggers that fit the criteria, to help spread the word!  It is also a fabulous way to get to know your fellow bloggers!

 My predecessors  have researched the word liebster.  Liebster is a German word meaning; sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.  I am honored to be called all of those things.  Especially cute.  I can rock cute!

The Rules are Simple

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

 11 Random Facts About Little Old Me

1. I still have lunch and play dates with my high school girlfriends.

2. I am a Harley chic. Our youngest daughter's middle name is Harley.

3. I love to read, but I currently cannot find my Nook cord, so that gift card I got for Christmas, is ya know, just hangin' out!!(we recently moved!)
4. I have 3 tattoos, and want two more.
5. I lost my mother, my best friend, a little over a year ago and started a blog to deal with my grief, The Grief Chronicles .  Go check it out! Bloggy Therapy!
6. I am a cry baby! I cry at sad commercials! Which my family thinks is hilarious!
7. My tongue is pierced, and has been since the 90's man!
8. My favorite quality about my best friends is that they remind me who I am when I get lost in the vortex of mommyhood and housewifedom! And they are an obscene amount of fun, and are all great listeners. And they would do anything for me, just like I would do for them!
9. Photography is my passion! I have a FB site, Gingerssnaps Photography , go check it out! NOW!(Never hurts to self promote, eh? HeeHee)

10. I have the biggest heart. I love fiercely, and forever.  I am a care-taker.  I love to take care of and love people. And  I am a smarty pants! And a southern lady...and...and..ok wait, got a little carried away there on the crazy, oops I mean me train! Hah!

11. I am lucky enough to be married to my soul mate!  I found him, conked him over the head with a frying pan, and drug him to the altar!  Just kidding! A little WV humor for you!

And Now for the Nominees...

1. Sugar Aunts
2. Nada Nada Limonada
3. Home, Home on Deranged
4. Degree of Difficulty
5. The Squishable Baby
6. My Imperfect Life
7. Even Sweeter Dreams
8. The First Year Blog

 9. A Geek In Glasses
10. Life With RA is a Pain

I have 10.  I have a babysitter all lined up, and ten will have to do! Love these little ladies!
Check them all out!



11 Questions For My Nominees/Recipients

1. Where were you born?
2. What is your most favorite thing from childhood?
3. Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now? Is it the same reason you started blogging?
4. What is your favorite silly made up word?
5. Who is your favorite leading man/woman?
6. Who is your favorite heroine /hero from any book and why?
7. Have you gotten to know any of your fellow bloggers personally?
8.  What is your favorite holiday?
9.  Who is your role model and why?
10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you there yet, and are you what you wanted to be as a child?
11. What is your favorite quote?

Tara's Questions for me...

1. What is your favorite color? Purple, Green and Red
2. What is your favorite meal? Chicken Tikka Massala
3. What is your ideal romantic date?  Anything that involves a babysitter! Dinner and Karoake with my best guy singing to me!
4. What book are you curently reading? The Cider House Rules, It was my mothers and looked interesting, so I borrowed from my daddy's house. In hardback. It's my bubble-bath book.  I have a 4.5 yr old, and not much time to read right now, even though I love to read! I have misplaced my Nook cord....
5. Beach or Mountains? Both.  I am a beach baby, love, love , love the beach! I love my mountains.  I live in WV, which is all mountain-y.  When I recently moved away, I desperately missed my mountains! But I am back!
6. Which is your favorite Disney character/princess? Probably Cinderella
7. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy, after that, I don't know yet!(I quit Corporate America 2 yrs ago to live the dream people! I am a SAHM)
8. If money was not an problem, where would you want to live. My own Bahamian Island! No seriously.
9. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Set up my entire family for life, and retire to my own, newly purchased Bahamian Island!
10. What is your favorite piece of clothing?Right now I would have to say my Black sweater, and my blue and white striped/polka dotted jammies! Most sentimental would be a purple scarf that was my mother's.
11. What is one makeup item you can't live without? One? Are you kidding me? Chapstick, Burt's Bees preferably in Pomegranite or Graprfruit flavor.  And my foundation/powder compact, because I cannot stand to have a shiny nose!

Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Girl you are a hoot!! Thanks for answering my questions and for the shout out!! :)

    1. Thanks for the nomination Miss Thang!

  2. I get so excited to read other people's Liebsters! Not only do you learn something new about them, you get a chance to discover blogs they enjoy! Now I'm off to check out the nominees I'm not already following!

    1. I totally agree! And watch out after Guest Blogger week, there are two more different awards posts coming....

  3. It took me a little bit to get you an appropriate 'thank you' for this - but here it is :-). My post about it is right here! Agian - thank you so much!