Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Tattler Thursday #11



  1. Okay, my tattle for the day has to do with the bathtub. This is unprepared mommy moment #86.

    One day I was giving my one and a half year old, at the time, a bath. She was soaking in her water playing happily with her toys, and I was sitting on the toilet next to her. The next thing I know, I look up from my book to make sure she was ok, and there are things floating in the water. Giant brown foreign objects! Can you guess what things were? You got it, poop. At least it was solid! So I freak out, I immediately start screaming for my husband, who comes running up the stairs, to see what was the matter. The baby is just looking at me, like c'mon mom, man up! I showed my husband what she had done, and we both start freaking out and arguing over who was scooping it out. I think we were both a bit, naaaaaaw seriously, grossed out, and that rattled us. Rattled as in, OMG can we give this thing that just pooped in her tub water back? I won the arguement and ran downstairs to get a mug to scoop it out with. The argument went like this;
    Mom-" Do something!"
    Dad-"What do you want me to do?"
    Mom-"get it out! It's in the tub with her!"
    Dad-"WITH WHAT? I am so not reaching in there with my hand to get it! Go Get me a ......mug! Yes a mug! And make it a giant mug! We are going to need a big one!"
    Mom"okay...(running down the stairs....and back up)okay I got it....Ahh Hoo Ahh Hoo Ahh Hoo(heavy breathing)"
    Dad-(reaches down and scoops up the chunks of poopy, while fighting the urge to throw up, cause that would have been pretty, she poops and then he pukes on her, lovely mental image)"aaaaarrrggghhhh here take this, something with it!"
    Mom-" Groooooss! What am I suppose to do with it?"
    Dad-"I DON"T CARE! Get it out of here, set it in the kitchen and I will figure it out!"
    Mom races down to set the mug in the kitchen, while dad lets out the water and collects the poopy germified bath toys to disinfect...Mom races back up to wash and disinfect the baby, who is also poopy germified! Blek!

    Moral of the story-Always flush poop down the toilet!

    We were both so totally grossed out, we didn't even think about flushing down the toilet right beside us! Hah! I think I was in shock

  2. Jerry Holstein-Traumatized

    The other day, my wife started running the sweeper in the living room. The now 5yo runs out and says,"Are you sweeping my room?" My wife didn't hear her, and so she asks again. By the third time she asks, she is getting upset."Mommy, are you sweeping my room, yes or no???" Then she says "Stop...Wait...." and runs back into her room. She picks everything up and puts it on her bed. The entire collection of toys that had been scattered all over her floor, on her bed. Hmmmmm.... So the wife runs the vacuum, and that is that. Here is the backstory..a couple of months ago my wife ran the sweeper, and accidentally swept up one of her toys. She was traumatized. So anytime her mom would run the vacuum cleaner, she would freak out and run to her room and pile everything onto her bed.
    She is petrified that her mom is gonna sweep up another toy! My poor baby!
    SO now we have scheduled "pick up and vacuum time" at our house!

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  5. I don't have a story to share, but that picture you used is too cute. I can just see that kid saying uhoh! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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