Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pros and Cons

Yesterday I had a fairly productive day.  I swept the floors, did the dishes, cleaned the stove, cleaned the dining room table, and got four loads of laundry done.  I also gave my lil punkin doo a bath, and I squeezed a shower in too! We also had art/painting time, play time, book time, and "make-up" time! Yeah! I'm the woman! Those are the items for my 'pro' list. They are not funny or gross, but productive.

Now for the cons. And the hilarious. Well dear readers, after art time, my 4yo sat on her art table. Can you guess what happened next? Right, she broke it. Thank goodness art time and the paint was already put away. The thirty five year old wooden art table, buckled underneath her, pitching her into floor.  This was my art table when I was four, and was not made for sitting.  Then or now apparently.  One of the legs broke off of the table.  The same leg that was broken off when I retrieved it from my parents house for my daughter.  Hubbie the Dearest's grandfather, who can fix anything, reattached the leg to the table for me, and we had a sentimental art table for my 4yo.  As she plunked into the floor, she was more surprised than hurt.   A surprised face, and a lesson as to why we do not sit on our art tables.
                                                                  Before the accident.

(Okay, so this is a misplaced Pro, but it fits in the Con time flow thingy)After art time, my lil punkin doo decided it was time to play "makeup".  We have played 'makeup' everyday this week! 4yo is on a 'makeup' kick. My MIL bought the 4yo 4-8 kid makeup sets, when they were on clearance after Christmas! Awesome! She even has a little makeup case. So she put her makeup on, and then she was determined to put lipstick on my lips.  First she put lipgloss on me.  No problem! Then we wipe off the lip gloss, and she decides that we need to have matching lipstick.  Oh, how cute you say! Right! Except for the fact that the only shade of lipstick she owns is hot pink.  I don't mean light 4yo play pink, I mean the kind of pink, that once it's on, it isn't ever coming off.  I mean through multiple showers and a Brillo pad, not coming off.  1980's hot pink. Dark, stain your lips hookah hot pink. So I try to tell her no, I do not want the lipstick on me.  I tell her she can lip gloss me all day long, and I even offer myself up to sparkly silver eye shadow, all to no avail.  She has her determined little 4yo brain set to mission- 'lipstick the mommy'.  So As I am wrestling her off of me, we both start giggling! She is all arms and legs, monkey wrestling me, coming at me with this ungodly shaded tube of  'kid' lipstick.  Let's take a moment to ask ourselves, what toy company in the world makes lipstick for kids that will not come off? EVER?
  SO how do I know this lipstick never comes off, you ask? Because we, and when I say we, I mean the MIL, Hubbie the Dearest, and I, have all worn this hooker stain on multiple occasions.  Oh yes, she even convinced Daddy! All for the love of our precious little scheming stinker.
So the giggling eventually ends up in her winning. I agreed to offer up my lips for her 'make-up-ing", if she agreed to give up some pics! I had already snapped some! So here you go.  If you do not have a 4yo stinker-loo chasing you around with hookah pink lipstick, here is what it is like!

                                                             Mommy, come here!
                               Mommeh, could you pleeeeaaase come here, so I can lipstick you?

I see you mommy, you cannot hide from me! 
                                                          And let's try this again!
Got the momma! See?
Pucker up!
Time for a touch up!
Silly Faces!
I'm Hot stuff!
Bahahahaha! Gotcha!
Okay! Bathtime!
I then put my paint and makeup covered daughter into the tub.  She was soaking and playing, which gave me a few minutes to hop online.

So about twenty minutes into soaking, I hear my daughter hop out of the tub and holler for me. "Mommmmmmy!" I asked her what was wrong, as I ran to the bathroom.  When I get there, this is what I see.
My artsy little poop picture!
Right! Blek, gag, sputter, cough.  I have not had to deal with poop in the tub since age 1.5.  What is this?  How did this even happen? My child is potty trained! What the!@#%$? When I asked her what happened, as I fought to control my urge not to yak, she relpies,"It just came out!" Really? To have just came out, it seems relatively solid.  She said she hopped on the potty to go more when she realized what was going on. Nice.  I am not suppose to ever have to deal with this again! Really? This just had to happen! Must be Karma calling, or the universe evening things out, for us having so much make-up, and art time fun.  I swear, I certainly did not to come running into the bathroom, to find  ginormous floaters in my tub! Argh, the things we deal with as mothers! So obviously this was a con! Oh and when I went to scoop it out, I missed and smooshed it against the side of the tub.  More floaters for me yaaay! Disinfecting here we come! Blek!

Yes, as always, your welcome!

Then the major Pro of the day! I conquered my daughter's hair.  Now, her hair has always been straight.  Up until age three.  Then it became straight out curly.  No pun intended. She does not get this from me! I have thick coarse hair, but no curls.  Until the white came, that is.  But my MIL and Sissy the Eldest do have curls.  I have been through hell the past couple of years, since my 4yo's hair has gotten long and curly.  It is a screaming, crying, pleading, begging, anger management session for us both, that more often than not ends in tears! So yesterday, I decided to try hair gel. And it worked! Just like that! No tears, no screaming from brushing the knots out of her hair, no crying, begging me to stop hurting her, just scrunching and success! And it still looked good after naptime! Hallelujah! It worked! I felt so accomplished as a mother! I finally get the mommy hahir badge! I am smarter than my daughter's hair! And it still looked good for library time this morning! A mommy friend, who I was sharing my huge success with, at library time this am, Miss TP, told me that mousse works better! We will definitely have to try that next! Thanks Miss TP! Yaaay hair badge!

Have a great day 'Snappers!


  1. My mommy experience tells me that poopy was disguised as a fart! LOL LOL LOL!

    And miss thing's hair is gorgeous! Good job!

  2. Thanks Miss C! And I know right? I so thought I was done with the tub floaters!

  3. Luckily I've not had to deal with the tub floaters but I always stayed there to bathe my daughter until she was 5 because our tub was upstairs and the TV was downstairs. I wanted to make sure she was ok. Now I trust.
    Your daughter's hair looks great! My hair is a little like that though not so curly and I use a leave in conditioner. It works pretty well. We use oil moisturizer for my daughter but she has hair that is curly and thick but can get course and frizzy (she's a mix of me and her daddy in that way).