Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The 4yo....on Star Wars

For those of you without a 4yo at home, or that have never had the pleasure of having had a 4yo, they ask 439 questions a day on average! No Joke! Well, my 4yo is in love with Star Wars Episode IV; A New Hope.  After I read her the rolling storyline, we scream with glee! Like teenagers at a Justin Beiber concert! Goodness forbid I don't start reading when she thinks I ought to...a Star Wars fan just like her daddy.  She is in pre-school adoration with Luke Skywalker.  He is the berries. She is in "luuuuuuuuuv." Her pretend friend's name has changed from Jake(and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney Jr)to Luke. We have limited her Star Wars viewing to once every 3-4 weeks, after wearing it out daily around Christmas time.

   So you may question our judgement in letting her watch Star Wars at so young an age.  My answer for you is this; I watched Star Wars, as did my husband, at age 4 and we haven't killed anybody! So keep your opinions to yourself, because this post was written as we watch Star Wars Episode IV.  This is my 4yo's running commentary, and she had me cracking up! So I decided for shi%$ and giggles, I would share it with you! So I grabbed the computer and started typing away! Hope you get a good laugh out of it! May the force be with you!
  1. "Why do sand people wear dresses?"IV
  2. "Why do Sand people wear hoods?" IV
  3. "Why did C3PO lose his arm?"IV
  4. "Who fired Luke's fahddher? I forgot"(When Anakin has lost to Obi Wan and is in the lava, losing his extremeties.)III
  5. "I bet those big warm Jabba poops are massive!"IV
  6. "She's leaning against her fahddher!"(When they are preparing to blow up Alderan, before Leia knows Vader is her father)IV
  7. "Why did her faddher pull her back?"(When they blow up Alderan, when  Vader grabs her, again before she knows Vader's true relationship to her)IV
  8. "Mama, I'm hungry for a popsicle, STAT!"
  9. "Momma, Han Solo said a dirty word!"IV
  10. "Han Solo doesn't know he said a dirty word!"IV
  11. "Storm troopers are nice to other rowbots.  See? That Storm Trooper ddn't kill C3PO!"IV
  12. "Whyshis name Porkins?"
  13. "Momma, heeees the best fightah evah! We don't have to cheer!"(For Luke, on his attack run to blow up the Death Star.)IV
  15. "Obi Wan Your baaaack! Whoo Obi Wan!"IV
  16. "Welcome R2...........D2...KING!"IV
  17. "Momma Look!"
  18. "LUKE! You did iiiiiit! Yaaaaay!" IV
  19. "Momma, Luke did it!"IV
  20. "Here's the reward thing!"(Award ceremony for blowing up Death Star and returning peace to the galaxy)IV
  21. " Silly old Solo!"IV
  22. 'Why does Han Solo look at her BOOOOOOOOOBS? Hahahahahahahaha"(When she is placing medal over his head)IV
  23. "Mommy will you be Luke Skywalker?"(suuuure....)
  24. Hi my name is _________ ________ _________, It's very nice to meet you! I have a lost toofer! Seeeeeeeeeeee? I am four, almost five. I am a little clumsy, and a loooot funny. I am also very special.  I am the most important thing in the whole wide world! (runs into piano bench while showing off...)See how I am clumsy? (big cheese eating grin.) I am a girl, cause I have long hair.  I like to play!


  1. She's a riot! Now I wanna watch Star Wars!

  2. I never watched Star Wars but after seeing her questions I plan to. Lmao @ "fahhdher",

  3. That is awesome! My 3 yr old has loved Star Wars and "D2" for quite awhile. Well except when we went to "Star Wars night" at the Sox game, and there were characters and people in costumes. She pretty much freak out.

    She loves the Clone Wars cartoons and the movies, but she'll only sit for a few mins at a time w/the movies. I look forward to ALL of these QUESTIONS!

    1. Punkin Doo will watch Episodes IV, VI, I, and that's about it because of the scary parts! She luuuuuvs some Luke Skywalker! She makes me pretend to be Han Solo, and she plays various characters! It is a riot! She makes me turn it off when Luke battles Vader. We fell asleep one night when there was a marathon on...and she stayed awake til 2 in the morning, watching, until she screamed at a scary part! Scared the crap out of us! I couldn't believe she stayed awake that long! But ever since, Luke this , Luke that, Star Wars Angry Birds, has taught everybody how to play, and it is on every device we have! SHe's a hoot! Just wait girl! Yours will get there all too soon!

  4. I have to admit I haven't actually sat down and watched StarWars lol but I have StarTrek or am I way off here?? LOL

    Thank you so much for linking up with Friday Chaos hunny
    Following you back

    Lotte xo

    1. Excited for Friday Chaos! Thanks for popping In! Yeah, Star Wars is completely diff than Star Trek! HeeHee! You need to watch Star Wars! Hubbie the Dearest loves both(both are sci-fi)

  5. I saw Star Wars for the first time when I was three, at a drive in in 1977. My kids like Star Wars, but they have never really sat down long enough to watch the movies! I am disappointed in this-I just may have to make them sit and watch it very soon. I have a theory as to why this hasn't happened: My husband has been watching Avengers and the Iron Man movies over and over and over...

    1. Hah! Yes, must make them watch very soon!

  6. Very cute! Being s Star Wars fan myself, I think she is great :)

  7. This is too funny. I loved all the random sayings and questions too! When my daughter was between 2-4, she was completely obsessed with super heroes. Never wanted the girly stuff. Spiderman, Batman, Ironman...it was crazy. People used to ask me why I would let her watch that stuff. I am not a fan of Starwars but my daughter does know what it is because my husband worked on the Old Republic Game a few years ago when he was in the video game industry. She has asked to watch it a few times. I have no objections...I just don't have the movie to show her. I'll have to let her see it.
    Thank you for sharing this at The Mom Diaries