Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness

Hiya Snappers! It's me again! Today I will be telling you 10 Epically Awesome things about myself, thanks to Miss Risa over at Counting My Blessings . Thank you bunches and bunches for nominating me for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness! Sorry it took so long to get a full 10 minutes to myself to get this post together! Hah! I am so excited to tell you all about , well me!(Since normal life is well, all about them!) Yaaay me!
The rules for The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness are:

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3. State 10 things about you
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy!
10 Epically Awesome Things about ME

 1 .I Love Hubbie the Dearest, no really, love him dearly.
2. My child is back in that exasperating mommy clingy, up your a$$ 24/7 clingy phase , after being sick.
3. I need Calgon to take me away to a nice giant bubble bath filled garden tub, with a never ending supply of my favorite wine/beer, a good book, time to read the entire book, and nobody else screaming mommy or wifey for 10 miles. And no spiders, bugs, snakes or mosquitos.
4. To tell you how long it's been since I read a good book, the fact that I have had a Nook gift card since Christmas, says it all. And I love to read!(I also cannot find my nook cord after moving in Jan)
5. My favorite wine/beer/malt beverage is Lindeman's Framboise Lambic.  Sour raspberry yummo drinkage right there.  I desperately need some! Like a case!
6. I have spent my entire life looking for the perfect one for me, and I found it! Yep, I an in love with my vibrator.  It is so epically awesome, It deserves this award! Hah! No seriously, never even put the batteries in! B.O.B. is the bomb baby!
7. Being a SAHM is the most wonderful blessing in the world, and is also a huge sacrifice.  Money, my social life, time of my own, my sanity, and mommy brain! But I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything in the world. it's the schizit!
8. I freaking adore my kid. She is the berries!
9. I think my husband and my daughter are the funniest human beings on the planet!
10. I bought my hub a Harley for Father's Day, the year I got knocked up! Whoo Hoo! Live to Ride baby!
11. A bonus ME fact, I adore tacos.  I love meat(betcha couldn't have guessed that one huh? HeeHee), cheese, sour cream, creamy(heehee)guacamole and lots of tomatoes in a hard(bahaha) shell! I am a bad, bad girl! Wink!

Now for My Epic 10 11 12 Nominees


  1. You seriously make me laugh with my jaw on the floor! Thanks for the nomination...I'll add this to the list of nominations I need to recognize!



    1. I can BANG(heehee) out a funny one every now and again! WInk! Hmmm...I must need some..

  2. bummer I wasnt tagged. But I'll do this anyways or try to. I love meat in the hard taco shell too sometimes when i'm at mexican places or taco bell. But at home I eat just meat, cheese and lettuce like a taco salad. weird i know.

    1. Why Miss Laney, check again, I do believe you've been nominated darling! Wink!

  3. #10 cracks me up. Was this BEFORE or AFTER you got knocked up? lol

    1. Harley-June, then riding, riding, riding all summer and fall, until Thanksgiving...duh duh duh...knocked up! There was lots of practice to make perfect! 14 mos of trying, and 3 mos of fertility drugs! And now we have our lil miracle, #2!