Sunday, June 9, 2013

Calling All Guest Bloggers/Button Swappers

Hiya Snappers! I am putting a call out for guest bloggers! I am rapidly approaching 10,000 page views and would like to celebrate with a week of guest blogging and a button swap!!

If you are interested in button swapping, send me an email at gingerssnaps32@gmail.  I am so excited, it's the first ever button swap for W3G! I pimp you, you pimp me! Yay! Buttons will be displayed on the right sidebar. No restrictions! Sharing the love to celebrate! Yay for swappers!

I need 7 lovely ladies and/or gents to write for my fabulous followers! Whenever I hit 10,000, I want to share the love! Some people have giveaways to celebrate, I want to share, YOU, with my readers! SO if you are super fabulous, funny, talented, have a blog, are new, need exposure, are one of my favs, if we have never met, but you have admired me from afar, or breathe and can write, sign up!Hahaha! All experience levels invited and welcome! Email me at to sign up! Tenatively scheduled for last week of June!

Yeeeeaaaaah 10,000! Go Mommy, Mommy GO! Whoo-Hoo, Yeehaw, and all that jazz!


  1. Count me in. As long as you don't need a post, you know, TOMORROW. If I have a little time, I'm sure I can come up with something.

  2. I'm grabbing your button now sweetie.