Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do It Yourself Rock Star Boots

My child has been sick.  She is suffering from coughtoohardmakeyoupukeitis.  And she is also suffering from the 5 day cabinfeveritis.  So creativity is the name of the game.

So today, the 4yo decided she wanted to make Rock Star boots.  When I asked her why she wanted to make Rock Star boots, she told me that she needed them because she would be filling in for Lady Gaga tonight, because she was sick. Creativity at it's best people.  So we got to makin' Rock Star Boots.  And let me tell you they are fab-you-luuus! We didn't need no stinkin' pre-directed activity, we made up our own! Here are the steps!

                          Step 1-Pick out the colors of your fab new Rock Star Boots (construction paper) and tape(clear scotch tape) them onto the short little Rock Star's legs. (the 7 temporary tattoos are optional!)

                                              Purple and Black were Punkin Doo's choices!

                             Step 2-Decorate the boots anyway you want(crayons and markers were our    choices, as glitter glue would take too long to dry)!

                          Step 3- Add even more decoration to your Rock Star boots!

All done mommy!
                    Step 4- Make a video of super fabulous practice session for Lady Gaga's self-appointed understudy's colossal debut!     
                    Step 5 - Repair Rock Star boots(with scotch tape and more construction paper) when damaged from walking, dancing, and general wear and tear caused by standing!
     Step 6-HUG and KISS your little Rock Star as much as possible because they grow up waaaaaaaay too fast!
Hope you enjoyed our little afternoon activity!  The best reward from the Rock Star boots experience came when Punkin Doo said, " I had soooo much fun with you mommy! I love you!!"
Aaaaawwwww.  Totally worth it! Didn't cost a penny! Memories for a lifetime! I get the awesomest mommy award for today!


  1. Ginger.....

    Creativity is the best. Sadly God didnt bless me with any 100% but I guess I have some in my own special way. Cute idea and loved the video. I commented too.


    1. Thanks doll! She can sing, dance, write songs, tell stories, do art, and lil miss creativity she is! And determined she wants to be just like Lady Gaga when she grows up! Totally her idea!