Monday, January 21, 2013

Roll With Me

Hello again! Is it me your looking for?  Thanks Lionel.  I finally found a free twenty minutes to write.  I have been a little busy lately!  I have been packing and moving back to my home state of West Virginia! No more Kentucky! Pschew!  I apologize in advance to any KY lovers out there, we did not have a good adventure in the Bluegrass, or excuse me, whatever the heck else y'all call it now state!

  So I am very stoked to be moving home.  Closer to my Dad, my in-laws, and grandparents-in-law.  They are the best babysitters in the world.  I am excited to be back in WV, close to all of my friends, and all of our extended family as well.  I swear I am coming to town soon Beckley peeps!

 This is the third time I have completely packed and moved my family since September of 2011.  We are averaging a move every 8-9 months.  I am tired.  I was released to walk again on my healed  broken leg on November 29, 2012.  December 3, 2012, we received life changing news, and started looking for a house to rent back in our home state.  That is easier said than done!  Thank God for the people he has put in mine and hubbie the dearests lives! We have lots of angels looking out for us! His grandparents found a house for us to check out.  When he took us to see the house, I fell in love.  It was big enough for our ginormous furniture, and was adorable!  The two storage buildings sealed the deal, and we were sold!  So house hunting was relatively easy!

Then came Christmas and job hunting. Not specifically in that order.  So hubbie the dearest found a new job in two weeks, and soon after he started staying in WV with his mother, to go to work without a one and a half hour drive each way!  So we had an awesome Christmas! Unspoken Christmas blessings were free flowing , and the angels in our lives, I will say again simply amaze me!

So during the past seven weeks, my family has been apart a bit.  That sucked!  But it is over now!  We have been living out of our clothes stored in trash bags and clothes baskets between my MIL's and Daddy's houses.  We even stayed a couple of nights in 'our old Kentucky home'. I know I am a cheese ball!  I am more of a schedule and habit freak than I would have ever thought!  We have had no schedule and order to our lives since the beginning of December.  I am very happy to be in our new home, and about halfway settled.  I am super glad to have my family back!

So while hubbie the dearest tackled the new job where he works twelve hours at a time, and has two weekdays off, I have been commuting to KY to pack and move us.  I couldn't do it alone.  I have had amazing help from Miss Michelle, MIL, FIL, GMIL, GFIL, Sissy the eldest , Unca D, and Sissy the Eldest's boyfriend, Mr. T(who the entire family is in love with by the way!)  We are so very blessed!

As I said before, I am tired.  I am writing to you, while waiting for dear old dad to pick me up for another trip to the bluegrass sta...or what the crap ever state it is now, oh yeah, unbridled state, or some crap like that! to love change!  And that is what this post is about actually, change.

Change is the nature of the beast.   Change is the only constant thing, well ever.  It is all about how you adapt to whatever happens to you.  Was I excited to be moving again in under a year? Heck no!  Was I excited to be coming home? YES! Did my child enjoy getting closer to her grandmother? Absolutely! Was I excited to be staying in someone else's house, and hardly ever having "just us" family time? No. Am I glad hubbie the dearest had lots of bonding time with his mother? Yes, because I know firsthand, that he will cherish this time down the road. Was it necessary? Yes.  Did I enjoy being the house guest that never leaves? No! Am I excited to be making the seventh, hour and a half trip in eleven or twelve days to Ky? Absolutely not.  Do I want to get moved? Yes!  So I am dragging my exhausted body and aching knee, yet again to our old house to finish up getting the little stuff, that we did not get with the big rented truck the day before yesterday!  Am I worried that anyone in Ky will see this post and know we are no longer living there, but some of our stuff is still there? No, because we did not make one single friend in Ky, not one.  People were not friendly like in WV.  In our little experience, they were self serving, backstabbing, mean people.  I know I am generalizing.  I apologize, I am venting!  Okay, gotta run.   I will finish when I return!

 So another trip to KY is in the books.  It's not over yet, but this moving adventure is quickly nearing a close.  Thank goodness!  Change is good.  It keeps us all on our toes.  You learn how to roll with the punches.   You learn that it is not about what happens to you, but how you roll with what happens.  It is how you handle what life throws at you.  I always try to keep the glass half full.  I am the yin to my husbands yang, he is the glass half empty kinda guy.  I am that annoyingly perky, chipper, eternally happy, positive gal that most people would like to smack.  Some people take my pesky perkiness for a sign of lacking intelligence.  I assure you, I am not lacking in either intelligence or patience.  I have a rather annoying supply of both.  Just because I choose to take the path of a lady bred with good manners, does not mean I am stupid.  It means I am smart enough to not comment on and offer up my opinion,  just for the sake of putting it out there.  I am a very opinionated chic, however, I do not choose to openly argue, with the intent of swaying others to my way of thinking.  I do not need others to affirm my intelligence, or my opinions or values.  In my expert opinion, a lady always knows when to keep her mouth shut. 

 That being said, it's all how you roll with circumstances.  Life is totally awesome one day, and then throws a big old crap and snow snowball at you the next.  I can honestly say there is way more positive in my life than negative.  When I start to think how right in the middle of this moving ordeal, my phone screen dies, and the phone becomes unusable, or how my car almost blows both tie rods and bearings, as well as needs new tires, and all seems so very negative, like okay karma what else are you going to throw at me, we already paid double rent on two houses, and deposit, then security deposits on all the new utilities, ACK!  We are not made out of money!  So of course when it rains it pours.  I am tired of the downpour! And moving.  Did I mention I hate moving? I have gotten very good at it though....see there comes the positive peeking out!

That's when all of our many angels stepped in and rescued us!  Angels above must have been watching out for us, because my car should have blown the tires and tie rods a long time ago, which would have caused the car to flip over and over. Thank goodness my lil punkin doo and I were not in the car!  And then you have the angels that are in your life everyday.  The friends and family that pay it forward to you when bad stuff happens.  The kind that save your a$#, just when everything looks so bleak you want to cry.  They are the kind that make sure you have a working phone, and just pick up the auto tab without blinking, even though they did not need to foot the bills.   And then they tell you not to worry about it, just to pay it forward!

 SO to close, I did not edit or proofread this post, so bear with me!  My family and I are definitely blessed with the most awesome family and friends in the entire world!  So when I think of all the negative, I make myself think of all the positive, and it's impossible to be down.  With all my many angels and blessings, how can I be anything but positive and thankful for them?  Life is a roller coaster of bad and good, and it's all how you spin it.  So spin it positively and roll with me!


  1. That is so great that you are moving closer to family. I doubt I could do half as much without my mom and my husbands parents.

    I was stopping by to tell you I nominated you for the blog leibster award. It's not an "official" thing its more of a title. It was bestowed onto me from another blogger and I hope you will come check it out.


    1. So excited and honored that you nominated this lil ol' gal from wild and wonderful WV! Many thanks!