Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inklings Photo Challenge January 2012

Hi there!  All of you that know happy, positive, funny lil' old me, also know that I love Photography, and have done it on the side for years!  As far as passions go, there are three for me! Photography, writing, and family.  Well and the Harley. Soooo, I am participating in a fun lil' gals photo challenge during the month of January! Here is a link to her blog,, so you can participate too! .  Here is her Photo challenge, complete with all of her Facebook and Twitter info @ the bottom!    See her page for rules.  C'mon, play along, challenge your photo creativity!  Oh and besides having fun, she is awarding PRIZES at the end of the month for her favorite photos! Today is day #2, so get started!  I will also be posting an album of all my submitted photos @ the end of the month!  Happy 'snapping!


  1. Thanks! I'm glad that you joined the challenge and hope to see your readers there as well!