Monday, December 31, 2012

My YeAr In ReViEw 2012

This year has been a rough year for me. It has also been filled with many good memories and blessings as well.  So as my nose drips continually down my face, on this New Year's Eve, let's review the wild and wonderful happenings of 2012.

ThE BaD,  tHe UgLy, aNd ThE bUgS

1. The year of firsts without my mother (The Grief 365 Badge)
2. My female surgery in January ( A Scrape, A Burn, 6 Incisions, 4 Units of Blood, and a Little Heart Shaped Suprise
3 .Moving to Kentucky (see any of the 5 posts from 5/12/12-6/30/12)
4. The Ant Infestation, the first one of my life.  I did not post about it, because I was too busy in hand to ant combat!
5. Breaking my leg at Roanake Island Festival Park, on check in day of our second OBX beach trip.  Yeah, that one sucked.  BIG time! ( Top 42 Things I Have Learned So Far From Breaking My Leg,   Even More Things I Have Learned From Breaking My Leg, and GoodbyeHardware;NakedMommyAloneTime )
6. Spiders (Mommy Lesson #35-Bravery and Today's Random Thoughts)
7. The major sucky life event that happened 3 weeks before Christmas ( Shakin' the Foundations)
8. Grief (Son Of A......$#@%^ )

ThE GoOd, ThE fUn, AnD tHE bLeSsInGs

1. My wonderful husband.  He is the besand has taken care of me through this rough first year without my mother, and during all my illness.  He has stepped up like a champ!  I love you with all my heart, oh soul mate of mine! But here's a little funny on him, and men in general! (Man Habits I Live With)
2. My beautiful, healthy, hilarious little punkin doo, otherwise know as the 4yo (Mommy Lesson # 36- The Plastic Devil and the Silver Lining, Tears, a Tea Party, and Smuggled Chili, and My 4yo Living Christmas Tree)
3. Vacations. Atlantis, Lexington for a week when the big storm hit, and the power was out, OBX two times, Tennessee twice, and Florida for Thanksgiving(which was the one year anniversary of my dearest mother's death).  I am a very lucky girl.  Best hubs and daddy EVER! (Beach Therapy)
4. Reconnecting with a long lost Aunt, who passed away later in the year. (A Last Afternoon With My Aunt)
5. My 20 year High School Class Reunion (The 20 Year High School Reunion, and The Reunion Review)
6. Connecting with and getting to know my paternal biological sister and other two paternal biological brothers...although why the middle brother's wife defriended us all on FB and nobody knows why, so scratch that, make that 1 bio-bro.
7. Family snuggle time.
8. Daddy and punkin doo hugs and kisses.
9. Family.  I have the best family hands down anywhere.  I love my daddy, Nana, my MIL and FIL, and my GMIL and GFIL. Love you guys!
10. Besties.  I have the best friends a girl could ask for! Love you all! (Oldies, Chocolate, Sex, and Tweezers)
11. The birth of my first nephew.  My brother and sister in law were blessed with a healthy, happy, bouncing baby boy!  Proud Auntie G here!

So that is all Folks! After reviewing my good and bad lists, it sure seems like I had a lot more blessings than bad stuff.  Even though the bad stuff was pretty huge.  I feel incredibly blessed.  Blessed with my soul mate, a beautiful child, wonderful stepkids, great parents, wonderful in laws, moving back to my home state of WV soon, and the bestest friends, that would drive 2 hours to hang out for 2 hours on Christmas, or meet me at the drop of a hat when I am in town, or pick up right where we left off friends, that a girl could ask for!  Happy that I am able to blog, and people like what I have to say!  Feeling incredibly blessed and very thankful!  Here's to a fabulous 2013!  Happy New Year  Everyone!

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