Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oldies, Chocolate, Sex, and Tweezers

It has been almost three weeks since my last post.  I know, I know, you all thought I fell off the face of the earth.  Well here I am! Happy, plucky, cheerful, blowing sunshine up everybodys wazoo, old me! I am back!  My family has had a monumental two weeks.  Our world has been turned upside down, here three weeks before Christmas.  Monumental disasterous upside down.  Like we haven't had enough happen in  the last year, actually the last four years to last a lifetime, but I digress.  So I have been a little busy, and preoccupied to say the least.  I will not go into details, but those of you that pray, please keep praying for my family! 
  So my momma always taught me by example, and in lesson, that when the going gets tough, the women are the pillar of strength for their family, and the tough go to momma.  Mommas are the ones who hold families together(no offense to any awesome daddies out there).  My momma was the toughest old bird I ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Those of you that knew her would definitely agree. I have found this to be true.  Especially in the last two weeks.  Geez, more and more, I am beginning to feel like my mother!  We are starting to see the beginning of the other side.  Baby steps. Even pillars of strength need a release.  That is what this post is about.  Stress relief, not the actual stress.
   When you find yourself in circumstances that do not allow you to openly express your opinion or your personality, but require you to be a perfect little lady, you need a stress reliever.  When you have been too strong for too long, you need a stress reliever.  When you have to be the bad guy, you have to get it off your chest.  When you feel the need to blow off some steam, or else you are going to bite your tongue off, you need a vent line.  When your patience is all out of patience, you need a mini break.  When you are at the point, or feel yourself getting to that point, everybody needs one they can call.  That drop anything friend, that will meet you for breakfast in the blink of an eye, on very short notice, when they already have other plans, that will let you vent long, hard and nonstop about anything and everything that is rocking your world.  They saved lives and they do not even know it!  The kind of life saving friendship, where you have known the person your whole life, that you can pick right back up where you left off without missing a beat.  I am a very lucky girl to have many of these lovely lifelong friends. My "oldies" so to speak.   I would like to thank Miss M for being such a doll and meeting me for breakfast the other morning!  I love you girl!  Thanks for the much needed shot of sanity!
   The other stress reliever in my life is always by my side.  I never leave home without it.  I am in love.  I feel immediately calmer when my hand slides down the cool metal.  As my hand closes, and I get a good grip, I immediately feel more powerful, more in control of my destiny.  As I aim at my target, push the cool metal together and feel it touch the other side and pull, I feel like nothing can touch me now.  As I get my intended target, At that moment, instant relief and self gratification rolls down my spine.  I am then as relaxed as if I have just eaten chocolate or had sex(my other two favorite releases, no explanation needed).  So I aim again, and again, and repeat until I am satisfied.  I seriously cannot leave the house without them.  I freak out if I lose them.  Even if I canot use them at any given moment, I can reach into my purse and touch the cool metal, and it calms me. I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I must have them with me at all times, or know their whereabouts.  I confess.  I am an obsessive compulsive tweezers addict.  There is nothing that comes between me and my tweezers.  Except my family these past two weeks.  When we were reunited today in the car, I felt instant relaxation, as all the stress left my body.  All is right with my world again.  Well almost.  Balance has at least been restored to my eyebrows, and that pesky chin hair.

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