Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Carnage and Temptation

So apparently I am on a roll.  Today is the day that has been earmarked for cleaning up the rest of the Christmas carnage.  You all know what I am talking about.  The half boxes overflowing with each family members stack of new clothes, pajamas, socks, and underwear.  In the living room, and under the tree.  The boxes of blue ray players, GPS systems, iPod docks, surround sound systems, this years new Christmas ornaments, calendars, boxes of candy, stuffed animals, the stack of new movies, new books, the gigantic bags and boxes from grandma and grandpas houses respectively filled with coloring books, glow bracelets, light up necklaces, PlayDoh, and various other little kiddie items, that I do not even want to unpack. The new electron-O-gadget for your child and box that goodness forbid, we ACTUALLY throw away, cough cough sputter. The infomercial toy boxes, the disco ball and box, the new Jim Shore statue and box, the new enormous Disney Barbie castle(ie todays Barbie Dreamhouse equivalent for those of us born in the seventies), and the entire cast of Cinderella in Barbie dolls. The tub toys mermaid contraption, and of course the new Santas little helper Barbie. 
  Okay.  So you get my point.  So to further, my oh so tempting, procrastinator tendencies, of putting off the cleaning up of my house, and restoring order in the wake of the Christmas carnage, are six more things that are making it impossible to get started.  When I woke up this morning, I woke up to the most beautiful snow covered back yard landscape.  The 4yo has been dying to make a snowman.  The last time it sowed, we made snow angels, and played in the snow-mud, but there wasn't enough for a snowman. Today there is.  But the snow bibs, heavy coat, snow boots and gloves are outside, in the car, in the snow.  Argh! Number two, we both woke up this morning with the results of our recent horrible colds coming out of our noses.  Right, yummy.  I blew my nose and out comes yellow.  The 4yo sneezes, and out come two big, long, thick strings of fat mucousy, yellow snot.  Straight down her face, covering her mouth, so she screams, "Mommy, heeeeeeelp, Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!"  Mommy to the rescue with a roll of toilet paper, while trying not to puke!  We have surpassed the boxes of tissues in this house, we are to the 'toilet paper' stage.   That, dear readers, without little snot machines running around, is the point when all the occupants of your house have exhausted so many boxes of tissues, that you say 'screw it' and resort to toilet paper.  This is because you yourself feel like crap, but mommy isn't allowed to be sick, so you resort to toilet paper to keep from showering everybody, dressing everybody, listening to everybody's increased whining, and dragging everyone to the store for more tissues, in fear that it will inevitabley turn into a full blown shopping trip.  Number three, I have the two most recent issues of my favorite magazine, that I have read religiously since the fourth grade, People Weekly.  I would love to curl up on the couch and just have a lazy reading day, not to mention that Nook gift card I received burning a hole in my purse, but alas there is Christmas carnage to attend to.  *Sigh*.  Number four, our home state of WV, has a team playing in the Pinstripe Bowl today, WVU.  That one is not until two pm, so I may turn that one on while cleaning.  While I went to Marshall University(the smaller in-state rivalry school), I was raised in a WVU household.  We cheer for both.  And last but by no means the least, numbers five and six, my father's Christmas Chex mix and the chocolate no-bake cookies, both of which he is locally famous for.  Every year he and my mother would make these two favorites of mine and my little brothers.  I was so proud of my daddy when he continued the tradition last year, right after we lost my mother. These are foods made with love.  I just want to soak up all their lovey dovey sweet and salty goodness. I am tempted to sit around with my snotty nose, and my snotty nosed kid, and eat chex mix and chocolate cookies all day while we watch WVU in their bowl game, snuggled up under my favorite kitty cat childhood blankie.  Just to make you jealous...
  But I cannot.  I neglected to mention the bedroom full of mounds of clean clothes that need to be folded and put away.  These have been neglected due to the fact that we have been traveling back and forth between WV and KY for the last two weeks.  We have been up I-64 and back eight times in the last two weeks.  I kid you not.  So....hang on a sec............aaaaaahhhhhhh chex mix and chocolate cookie fix.  Yuuuuuumo.  Heaven.  Okay I can think again.  Maybe I can motivate through all these temptations, with the help from a couple of them?  Yes, I think so!  So laundry is in, couple of boxes are emptied, dishes are started, and I think we will go play in the snow before it melts, and satisfy my 4yo's desire to build a snowman!  Then I will tackle the Christmas carnage while watching the Bowl game!  Anybody want to drive to KY to help? Any takers?? Just kidding!  The chex mix is all mine I tell you, ALL mine! Hah! Have a great day!  And for any of you wondering, yes those are my cute little Christmas socks in the picture!

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