Friday, February 1, 2013

A Not-So Snow Day for Mom

Today my Lil Punkin Doo woke Hubbie the Dearest and I up, by climbing into our bed, snuggling down, and saying good morning!  What a sweet way to wake up(but way too early after staying up until almost 2:30 in the morning!)  I asked her if she had looked outside yet, there was a surprise waiting on her.  She looked outside, and with a 4yo's excitement, eagerly asked to go out and play in the almost four inches of snow that fell overnight! I love sharing in the excitement through her child's eyes!
 I fixed her a quick breakfast of a Pop Tart and milk, so we could hurry out and play in the snow before it melted!  So I wolf down my identical breakfast of champions, as I get the 4yo's snow bibs out of her closet.  I decide to open the front door and take a picture of the snow, while the little one is scarfing down her breakfast.  I open the door and this is what I find; the trunk of my car left open from Hubbie the Dearest carrying in our groceries last night. This morning is off to an awesome start! It can only get better right? Riiiight. 
I then come back in and proceed to advise Hubbie what he will be responsible for cleaning up after work.  It's not like it is going to melt in ten degree weather!  I then come back to the living room to slide my child into her snow bibs, and after I am done, I look down to where she was sitting while eating her breakfast.  Covered in crumbs from the one Pop Tart she ate.  How do one 4yo and one Pop Tart make such a mess? How does one even bite a Pop Tart to make so many crumbs?  So after cleaning up the Pop Tart crumb mess, I am coming back into the living room, where I advise my child to finish drinking all of her milk before we go outside and play in the snow.  She apparently puts her mouth around the bottle, and proceeds to chug.  My husband then says something to her, which causes her to break the seal and laugh. Yup, uh huh. You guessed it.  She spews chocolate milk all over my new iPhone and her White Bible! I find myself saying to her, before I think," you just spewed chocolate milk all over Jesus!" The hubbie finds this hilarious.
So now it's chocolate milk clean up time, and time to pray to Jesus that she did not ruin my new phone!  She has quite a trajectory, just like her past projectile vomiting incidents.  So I find myself finding more and more area she covered with the spray of chocolate milk, the couch, the floor, the table, my pants, you get the picture. 
Next, Hubbie the Dearest goes out to start the car, to let it warm up.  He comes back in and commences to search for his key ring(he is taking my car to work today, it is better in the snow), which has his work keys on them.  He searches high and low for his keys, having no success, but leaving in his wake, a trail of still frozen Doc Marten, size twelve tread shaped, snow clumps.  All over my clean floors.  They start melting immediately.  Yet another mess to clean up.  He sits down on the couch to wait while the car supposedly warmed up and melted off the snow. He kicks the recliner up and props his feet up.   Drip, drip, drip.  A puddle of water is now under his feet as well, which in my mother's mind, foresee the 4yo dancing through later and busting her a$% on the wet hardwood floors.  So off I go to the kitchen for more paper towels to wipe up the puddles, that are all over the floor.
We finally make it outside, and Hubbie the Dearest is sitting in my still snow covered car, blinking at me like a kitty who wants more milk.  I get the child size broom(2.5 ft tall) because we lost the full size one, my favorite pink broom, in the Flying Truck of Horrors incident, which you can read all about here; Misadventures In Moving . Smooshed into a razor like thin strip of metal!   I proceed to shove all of the snow off of the car for him with the tot size broom, so he doesn't have to do it in his suit and tie.  I also get the scraper out of the car, and finish scraping the ice off of the back windshield, which is completely covering the back glass, except for the little porthole shaped circle he scraped off  to be able to see out.  Somedays I have to wonder, what would he do without me?  (and vice versa)
So my Lil punkin Doo grabs the broom and proceeds to clean off  Daddy's headlights.(see above picture)  Too cute! My little helper!  So then we proceed to get down to business, playing in this glorious amount of snow!  We wave at Daddy as he drives off to work, and here are pictures of the rest of our morning! Snow makes everything better! I am so blessed! No matter how crazy things get, or how many messes I clean up, I am always counting my blessings! So here is one of my biggest ones !Enjoy!
                                      My sweet Lil' Punkin Doo!
                          My newest favoritest spot at our new house!
                             Rolling, rolling, rolling down the hill!
                                     My favorite!
                      Moooommmmmiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Help!
                                  Nah nah nah nah nah na!
                  A la the little brother from A Christmas Story that couldn't get up!
           My other favorite, eyelash snowflakes!
                Having fun trying to climb into my play set!
                                         Snow angels!
 And then we went inside for hot cocoa, and my Lil Punkin Doo made a different special request, popsicles!  So what started out as my not so snow day for mom, had a very happy ending!
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