Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Brains Rambling Randomness

I have read several great posts in the last couple of days.  I have nothing 'big' to write about today.  I am however going to give you a peek inside my brain for the last couple of days, and share with you my favorite posts from other bloggers.

The Last Eight

 Moving sucks.  There is no way around it.  So I have moved, we are officially out of Kentucky, and settled in our new home in West Virginia. Pschew!  I have been unpacking like a rock star, and all of our boxes are unpacked but the last eight.  I am tired.  I have taken a day off from unpacking here and there over the last two weeks.  I have soaked in several scalding hot tubs to ease my aching bones! I have decorated and gotten everything pretty much in order, except for the hanging of pictures and the last eight.  I am avoiding those last eight boxes and tubs like the plague!  It is the contents of the last eight that are taunting me!  I hate unpacking clothes!  My clothes!  There are eight tubs of bedroom stuff, mainly mine, that are just hanging out at the foot of my bed.  Every morning I try my best to ignore them. So yesterday, I unpacked half of them.  I am avoiding the rest, because my daddy is coming to visit this afternoon.  Awesome! Perfect excuse!
   I am so tired of unpacking! My brain just whines at the thought.  It's not just the out of the tub and into the drawer that I dread, It's the going through the clothes and weeding out what doesn't get worn or fit anymore part that I abhor!  I did not have time to do it as I was packing, so it needs to be done during the unpacking process! Whaaaaahhh!  I have rearranged the boxes more than once, to make them appear less than they are.  Sunday was the Superbowl, and I unpacked the rest of the kitchen boxes, because we were having people over for the first time!
   Usually I like to hang the pictures first thing once the furniture is moved.  Not this time.  I have already pounded twenty six nails into the wall.  So I have hung some pictures and decorations.  There are approximately forty more that need to be hung.  I am a photographer by nature, and on the side, and love, love, love pictures.  I just cannot get motivated to do it yet.
   So it will all get done, just not today!

The Uninvited Houseguest

So we are sitting on the couch Sunday evening after the Superbowl delay, and after our guests had left, and I see it.  There crawling towards me on the upper part of the wall, is a coal black spider.  Now you ask me how big it was?  To me all spiders are huge, because I freaking hate them all!  I can spot them across the room in the pitch black of night! No joke! It drives my husband crazy.  So what do I do? I try to remain calm, and advise my husband what is on the wall, without alarming the four year old. I ask him to smoosh it, not smack it, so that it doesn't escape death and fall to the floor!  He then climbs on the couch and smacks it with his shoe! And what happens then? It freaking falls to the floor.  Hmph! Men and directions!  Especially when our lives are in such grave danger!  So I ask him to lean over the couch and look for it behind the couch.  He does, and spots it still wiggling! Ugh!  So I hop up, before it can further attack us, and pull the couch out.  Hubbie the dearest just looks at me as if to say, "Are you really serious?" As a heart attack buddy!  So he finally smooshes it, and wipes up the remains and sends it to its watery grave! Pschew, that was close! Listening, saves you time and sometimes effort, EVERY time!  Did I mention I think the spider traveled with us from Kentucky in a floral arrangement? Yukk-o!

Hand Towels

Do you ever finish washing your hands, and then realize they smell funny?  You then proceed to smell the hand towel, and it smells funny? Just when you finally finish washing all of the soap off from around your rings, have turned off the water after shaking all of the excess water from your hands, grab the towel, and thoroughly dry your fingers, when you smell something.  You smell your fingers, and yep it's your fingers. Dam&%$! So then you have to traipse through the house and get another hand towel. Cursing under your breath the entire way.  A towel that must pass the smell check first, and return to the bathroom.  Now you have to wash them all over again! Yeah that sucks!

Piece of Glass

Yesterday I apparently stepped on a piece of glass.  It took awhile for it to grind deep enough for it to start hurting, but start hurting it did.  I sat down on the couch and lifted my foot up to my lap to search for the itsy bitsy piece of glass, or other offensive sharp thing poking me in the foot.  I realized that this was an exercise in futility, when I felt the outside of my foot, and couldn't feel anything protruding from my foot.  From this angle I couldn't see a thing.  I became determined that I was going to find that piece of glass if it killed me.  The right leg is the one I broke in August, and it only bends so far now.  It no longer will twist around like a pretzel. This pissed me off.  So I go into the bedroom, and prop the foot up on the bed, the other direction, turned outward.  I was determined that I was going to best this tiny inanimate offender. Somehow I thought that bending my leg the other way would enable me to bend it in half, and get closer to my foot.  I was wrong.  I get halfway down to my foot, and I can go no farther. Now I am really furious!  I try again from a sitting position on the bed, again with no luck.  I decided to leave it until my husband got home from work, and have him look at my foot.  It couldn't be that bad right? After all there was no trail of blood on the floor!  Some days, it's just the littlest things!

Do It All Suzy Sunshine Mom of the Year

You know those moms who are on Facebook, who blog, and post all the pictures of their awesomeness? You know the ones.  The Suzy Sunshine  moms who make it their life goal to make you feel under productive and useless? The ones who make their own baby food, wash their own cloth diapers, who do 30 different crafts a day, half with their kid, half just to outshine everyone else in cyberland? The ones who nothing bad ever happens to?  The ones whose husbands make a zillion dollars a year, the moms stay at home, and do Suzy Sunshine crafts and cooking all day?  And post pictures to rub in our faces? The ones who have 10,000 kid crafts and learning games, and post online tutorials so you can do it with your kid too?  Do gooders that must school everyone else on their awesomely quirky craftiness and cooking ability?  They must outdo everyone else's dinner creations with their Martha Stewart like cooking prowess?  The ones whose children are involved in 20 different activities at a time? To them I just want to say, good for you.  I am not you, nor will I ever use cloth diapers, make my own baby food, become Martha Stewart, have a perfect life, post pretty food pictures to my FB or blog, post a how to tutorial on crafty crap(even though I am actually pretty crafty), sacrifice family time for too many activities, and never post bad, real life things so as to not mess up my perfect domestic diva internet image.  These chics totally get me, they piss me off! Yes I am using colorful language today, I know I know!  But I will always be true to myself, good or bad, tell you all about my crazy as$ life adventures, promise never to succumb to the internet 'Barbie' mold, and  will always try to find the positive in everything!  I know I am not the only one who just shakes my head at these mom/blogger/cave to peer pressure numbers ho's.  I would rather read a good, deep, revealing honest, ugly blog entry any day, over a cookie cutter twinkie ho-ho looking for page views! Okay, I relinquish my podium and am stepping down from the soapbox now!


  Have you ever wished that certain people did not know about your blog or Facebook?  I find myself wishing this very thing when I find myself seething over some slight, intentional or not.  I wish that I wasn't a lady all the time, and could say and/or write exactly what I thought sometimes.  Some people have no filter.  They have never had one, EVER. 
   I sometimes pretend I am just such a person, and could say exactly what I thought, and didn't give a hooey about how it affected others.  But only for a second, and then I immediately would not want to be them, the person who has no friends, because I have no filter. 
  Because I am not allowed to lose my temper and say whatever I think, I find myself biting my tongue a lot, and not saying anything.  The two times I can recall that I have said what I thought, I have ended up yelling, because I got so angry. So both times, I have ended up eating crow and apologizing out the ying yang.  How come they get to say whatever the heck they think? And NEVER apologize? It is just not fair I tell you! I just take and take and take.  Thank goodness I have other outlets!
    It is also not fair that I have a whole bunch of outlets/close friends, that I can pickup with wherever we left off, no matter how long it has been.  That is what's not really fair.  I don't try to convince people that my way is the only way, and argue until I am blue in the face.  I can appreciate differing opinions from my own, and am very accommodating and versatile.  Some people are not.  It just gets my goat how these people do not understand how acting the same way their whole lives, gets them the same result time after time!  Stop the whining! Life's too short.  Here's an alternate thought, what if I were to become one of these people and put it all out there, and just did not care about any opinion or feelings but my own, think it would shut them up? 

MY Kid Not Yours

  Ever just absolutely agree with how everyone else tells you how to raise your kid? Right, I did not think so!  Especially when the finger pointing, talk badly about you and your rearing abilities and choices behind your back.  Ever love those opinions that keep making themselves known, even though you really don't care? Ever have to bite your tongue from calling out the mothers of the year who are always the first to point the finger and accuse?  The ones who are also the first to bring up any chance they get, any possible flaw or bad decision in your parenting history? Right, gotta love 'em.  They are everywhere.  Gotta love the not yet mothers, who think they will do so much better than you at rearing children and have everything all figured out for when they become parents, and the brand new mothers that know everything, more so than any other mother ever in the history of the world? Yeah, been there done both of those, got the badge.  Learned some people actually have great tips, and some people have control complexes. Ya gotta know when to take advice, and when to nod your pretty little head and keep your mouth shut.

My favorite Blog posts from the last two days...

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The Undead Journals  ...My 20 year old, Sissy the Eldest, this is her awesome Zombie blog!

The Inklings of Life and Inklings February Photo Challenge ...I am participating in this funny lil gals February Photo Challenge, and I adore her blog!

Check these ladies out!

And that , as they say, is that! Have a great night!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    For the record, I'm currently cloth diapering at home and made my own babyfood, too. But, I'm no Suzy Sunshine! LOL! ;)

    Hope you find that piece of glass and get it out...I hate broken glass because I inevitably step on it! Ouch!

  2. No problem! I still love ya anyway, even though you a 1/2 Suzy Sunshiner! Wink!

    1. Not even 1/2! I'm really a Cheap CHill!! Gott save those pennies any way I can now that my income is gone! :)

  3. Hey you! Following you back!
    First of all, I told my man that I would NEVER move again. I don't think I'd wish that packing/unpacking thing on anyone :) We've been in this house 5 years and I'm certain there are still boxes in my garage.
    Second, I love you. Because you hate spiders and perfect people. Yay! (I make my husband flush the dead spiders lest they come back to life after being squished).
    Get into the light with your man and a pair of tweezers and get that glass out! :)

  4. Welcome Miss M! Mutual blogger love is fabulous! We shall be great buds!