Friday, June 1, 2012

Kentucky Observations Part 3

  1. Driving is crazy in Kentucky.  Parking lots, stop signs, traffic signals, right of ways, and one way roads are so confusing and weird.
  2. Kentucky Drivers are crazy.  Of course with Ohio drivers mixed in, it's REALLY crazy!
  3. There is such a thing as a Zombie Hunting Permit in Kentucky.  It was on the car beside me at a convenience store, I swear!
  4. The movie theatre has missing chairs and caution tape.  No really.
  5. We have friendly neighbors. REALLY friendly neighbors.
  6. Apparently no mexican restaurant can obtain a liquor license.  Whether it is the required seating occupancy of 100 or the plumbing, you decide...Oh, and I almost forgot, I fell in love with the waiters prison tats, especially the one of the machine gun with initials!
  7. Your friendly neighborhood cable man doubles as your Harley Davidson repair technician.
  8. For birthdays and anniversaries, Kentuckians buy 2 foot high individual letters, to post in their yard, spelling out happy birthday or anniversary.
  9. Permed mullets are tres chic.  We did move to Flatwoods...the home of none other than the world famous Billy Ray Cyrus, King of the original mullet.
  10. Big hair is everywhere!
  11. UK gear or get out!
  12. No one goes anywhere without makeup. I mean NOWHERE!!! Going out of the house is a social event!
  13. Everyone has those stick people van/SUV family stickers, and the kids cheer or sports sticker with their name.  Proud parents.  Kinda makes it easy on pedophiles and kidnappers though, donthcha think?
  14. There is a weekly neighborhood contest to see who can mow their grass the shortest.  With prizes given for frequency of mowing! Hah!
  15. I am actually beginning to really like Kentucky! Now to cultivate a certain twang to my speech patterns...
  16. Vitamin-C boosted rainbow colored cauliflower(orange, purple, and green!)
  17. Kentucky Schools apparently have something called super donuts...packed with vitamins!


  1. #14, are you serious? who organizes this?
    #15, NO
    #16, that sounds so cool! how do I grow these?

  2. #16-Genectically enhanced with vitamin C is orange, no clue bout the other two colors, different color=diff enhancement! Google, I am sure would know!