Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The nightly ritual is as follows; brushing of the teeth,  putting on jammies, kissing daddy goodnight, reading of a three year old selected book, drink of water, lights out, having to use the bathroom, and finally snuggling to sleep.  Well the other night, I fell asleep with the darling, warm, snugly three year old, wrapped up in my arms.  I awoke almost three hours later, went to fetch my husband off of the couch to come to bed and snuggle, turned off the TV, and retreated to the bathroom.  I climb in bed where I am joined by my husband a short while later. We fall blissfully asleep, snuggled up together, and legs tangled.
   So I am suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by the voice of my darling three year old at the side of our bed mumbling something, simultaneously with my husbands blood curdling shriek, at the figure hovering over our bed! (My daughter was standing on her stool by the bedside.) They were both apparently having bad dreams! So my husbands shreik scares the three year old half to death, and she screams also, followed by her hysterical sobbing that does one of two things;1- breaks your heart, or 2-has you racking your brain for any way to stop the horrible sobbing, so you can go back to sleep. So at this point, everybody's been spooked.
  So a good 7 minutes later, all apologies have been said, and the three year old is calmed down enough to try to go back to sleep, while clinging to old mom for dear life.
   So the next time I wake up, it is to little feet in my back.  I roll over and place her feet on my legs.  Next I wake to little feet in my face, so I turn her around in bed.  One more time I awake to feet in the back and under the booty.  Guess it is warm there! She has effectively made the human equivalent of the letter 'H', she being the crossbar between me and my husband! I go to the bathroom and come back to snuggle, hoping that this is the last interruption to my sleep! Ahhh sleep sweet sleep!
   I jolt awake at the sounds of someone knocking on the wall. Four times in rapid succession.  Spooked again! I lay very still and peep over at dear old hubbie, who seems to be perfectly asleep.  When he opens his eyes, I question him as to whether he heard the four knocks or not.  Turns out it was him.  Ghost knocks=thinly disguised bodily function. Hah!
   So restful sleep obviously eluded me this on to nappietime and more snuggling!

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  1. Is Dad remembering a time, about 15 years ago, when the EXACT SAME THING happened about twice a month, once with each of his respective children? lol