Monday, April 2, 2012

My Week In Review

So Monday has not been wonderful, but it was wild. First, my three year old and I both have allergies.  So needless to say we have been dripping, watering, and  I have been coughing up yellow chunks of nastiness. In big part due to yesterdays Easter pictures outside.  Yes, dear readers, I have resumed my love of photography.  300 pictures later, I was satisfied with our pictures, and we had inhaled enough pollen to color the world's daffodils yellow for a month. That being said, I have to brag a little.  After all, she is mine, and gorgeous to boot!(not biased at all...noooooooo)
   So today we were feeling a little under the weather.  We started out with glorious cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts.  Thanks hunny!  Then we had a suprise visit from Great Gramma(Mamaw).  We are still in our jammies, for a planned "lazy day". Well, it did not quite work out that way.  I start picking up a little, because the "cleaning queen" matriarch of the family is right down the street at the doc and will be right over. The house is by no means filthy, but I start picking up anyway.  She and her husband, my husbands grandparents, had bought her a couple of summer outfits and she was dropping them off.  I showed her the Easter pictures, and she loved them.  I also received the monthly and weekly issues of Home Life and Parent Life, her church's current christian publications.  They have a lot of good articles!  I also received the usual cut out articles that she feels can help us or our kids.  She is the best meaning woman I know.  This weeks snippet was regarding the political correctness of elementary schools trying to normalize homosexuality, versus eliminating family values and faith systems.  Right..I steer clear of religious and political conversations with his family, ALWAYS.  My momma taught me excellent values, morals, and universal accepectance, but I do not feel I have to impress my beliefs on anyone or argue with anyone elses point of view.  I believe what I believe, and I respect others beliefs, as long as they do not try to force them on me.  God and I have a good relationship, and we are just fine thank you.  I also received the monthly hand out Focus on the Family.  So new reading material anyways!
Does anyone else have a well meaning great gramma like this? We are blessed to have her! She cracks me up with her little suprise cut outs. She does it for the whole family, not just us.    So the three year old will not try on the new clothes.  No biggie, except she also pulls a crying fit where she dosent feel good.  So mamaw has to leave.  I asked the three year old if she wanted to tell Mamaw goodbye, and the next crying jag starts.  So I pick her up, rush to the door, run outside in my nightgown and bare feet, holding my three year old through the gravel(barefeet-ouch), to catch her before she drives away.  She gets her hug in, and all is right with the world. 
   So fast forward to lunch.  I have a banging migraine.  I make the three year old mac n noodles and applesauce.  She keeps playing with her food.  She drops mac n cheese all over the table, the floor, and herself.  She then looks at me and turns a spoon full of applesauce sideways and dumps it onto the placemat. So after addressing the issue, and she resumes eating.  I repeatedly have to ask her to eat her lunch.  She again busts into tears.  Now I have asked her nicely several times, then I told her firmly, then sternly, and then tears, because mommy is being a grumpy old troll.  Thanks Dora!  YES, mommy is grumpy!  My head is killing me! So after I feed her the rest of her lunch, we proceed to take sleepy girl to bed.  I am fully planning on sleeping with her during nappietime.  Riiiiight.  Not today.  My sweet little darling says she cannot go to sleep.  So we proceed to try for # hours to go to sleep.  Or rather I tried.  After the first hour and fifteen minutes, she had to poop.  Ok, cannot help that.  So then we snuggle.  She finally calms down, and then my grandmother calls.  So we chat for a bit, and the three year old sings to her.  Ok finally we can go to sleep.  Then the three year old informs me she is not sleepy.  She launches into a diatribe of how and why she loves me so much.  Aaawww...yeah, I know, who can resist that right? Well I fell for it the first time.  But it got a little old the second, third and fourth times.  Then she tried various and sundry reasons why she couldn't go to sleep.  So finally I give up.  I fix her a snack and get in the shower.   Water...aaaaahhhhhh...scalding hot take the day and headache away water. So our water tank is only so big, so my nice long shower was cut short, but I was much refreshed and had a new outlook on the evening.  I got dressed, and fixed us dinner.(husband commutes from work currently, so he was not home yet)
   I then do the dishes, and even bake cookies.  I am in a good mood and my headache has left the building. I am looking forward to welcoming my hubbie home and having a good evening and conversation.  ACTUAL adult conversation.  Yeah, as a stay at home mommy, I like to conversate with grown ups every now and again.  So after dinner, we play hide and seek. We eat our share of the coookies.  We watch Mickey Mouse.  Then daddy gets home.  He makes my grumpy all better by taking the three year old to the store and bringing home ice cream from Dairy Queen!
    So the next day, I am peeling an apple for the darling three year old, and I had a little accident.  I am new to the world of using a peeler.  Especially a Yoshi blade ceramic peeler.  Yup you guessed it, I do not belong in a kitchen.  So I chopped the first 4 layers of skin off of the end of my finger! Ouchie! I showed my daughter, and she said,"Oh no! Will it grow back?"  Good news is, the Yoshi blade made a clean cut, and it did not bleed.  AT ALL! Shock! But I have a flat edge instead of round on the inside end of my left ring finger. Cool conversation starter!
   Then the next day, the three year old is twirling and falls.  It was one of those slow motion falls you see in your head.  She comes flying through the air and lands on my foot. 
      Owww. I just noticed yesterday, that she broke a blood vessel on the inside of my big toe. Purple. Pretty! So that's why it hurt to wear my flip flops the day before yesterday! Makes sense now! Then we went formal shopping for the Paramount Arts Center Spring Gala. Formal formal. Back to my rainbow days! Found the dress. Went back for alterations. Red. Classy. Formal satin and chiffon. Husband drooling! YES!
. Then I went, baby free to Dads house. I just needed to be around Moms stuff. Thanks MeeMee for babysitting! Had a good cry, and smelled her perfume, and felt better. Then we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the Dream Makers(making prom possible org.)fundraiser. Then today, MeeMee came over for annual Easter Egg coloring with Hayden. Got some more great pictures! We also set up my mother in law her very own blog on Blogspot! Toomorrow we go to see the Easter Bunny to ask for pink playdoh! So we have had a busy week! Everyone have a blessed Easter!

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