Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pissed Off Kindergartener

Hiya Snappers! Thanks for dropping in! Today we are going to learn a wild and wonderful new language!

So when last I left you, my kindergartener had gotten puked on in class.  She ended up with the wait for it...pukies (shocking I know) and then strep throat. Read all about that here Trash Can Olympics .

She wasn't diagnosed with strep throat until Friday afternoon, so she did not begin her antibiotic until Friday right before bed. She woke up Saturday morning, and the first thing out of her mouth was, "I can't wait to go to my BFF's little sister's birthday party today! Yippee!" Crap.  Wonderfully craptastic.  Time for Dear old Mommy to rain on your parade and ruin your day!  So I informed as gently as possible, my lil punkin doo, that she was contagious for 24 hours after beginning her medicine and that she could not go to the party.  She could not see her 4yo BFF because she didn't need to make everyone at the party sick. And I ducked my head back under the covers, awaiting impending doom. This was not the reaction That I expected.

She asked me to leave , and she asked her father as well to vacate the bedroom as well.  She huddled up under the blankets and was silent for a few minutes.  Now anyone who knows my little chatty Cathy, knows that the kid never stops talking.  EVER.  Not even long enough to take a breath.  She is an amazing child, filled with wonder, and full of questions about everything, all of the time.  SHE NEVER SHUTS UP.  Not kidding. So the silence was interesting.

She emerged from the bedroom and hand signaled that she was not talking anymore.  EVER AGAIN!
I had to hide my secret elation that there would be at least 5 minutes of quiet!  As I controlled my laughter, she started writing in hot pink marker, everything she wanted to say.  She thought she was hurting us parents by not talking.  Now keep in mind, she has done this one other time, and she lasted 22 minutes.

 Below is the new language she has created, Pissed Off Kindergartener. 

Needless to say she was even more infuriated when she learned that she wasn't attending her other BFF's swimming party the next day. Poor baby.  I get it, when you are 5 the height of your social life is birthday parties.  To get invited to 2 in one weekend is epic, and looking forward to both for 2-3 weeks is a lot of excitement. And when some other kid who sucks at trash can Olympics pukes on you, and gives you strep throat, which causes you to be sick on your snow day and off of school for 2 days, well yeah, it sucks! I felt so bad for my baby!

But after 10-12 minutes, she was done.  She created a new, loosely based on English, language to express her frustrations, and she was back to her happy, chipper, talkie little self.

And then we played Polly Pockets.  ALL DAY LONG. Rubber dresses, rubber shorts, rubber skirts, rubber shoes, rubber purses, rubber sunglasses, rubber bikinis, rubber one piece bathing suits, rubber umbrellas, rubber jumpsuits, rubber pants, rubber halter tops, rubber see through dresses, rubber tops, rubber blouses, rubber formal wear, rubber boots, rubber high heels, rubber sandals, etc.  6 days, snow and sicknessed in the house, and all she wanted to play was Polly Pocket Dollies and watch Star Wars and LaLaLoopsies.  Sigh. She is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once, she is only little once.......

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