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The Tattler's Studio #2

Welcome back Snappers to the second edition of The Tattler Studio! This month we are featuring Miss Ali, from High Heels and Coffee! I would introduce you to her, but she does a better job of that than me ! Be sure to visit her blog and tell her I sent you!  Muah! Thanks for commenting at the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop Ali! So here we go! Ali from High Heels and Coffee......

High Heels and Coffee
Introduce yourself to us!
-- Hello, my name is Ali, author of High Heels and Coffee. I'm a work outside the home mommy to two girls, Bug and Monster. I'm a former active duty Navy Sailor turned active duty Navy Sailor Spouse to Hubs/Ticklebug. I live and work in the Baltimore/Washington region and LOVE what I do. :) I'm currently enrolled in College and I'm thrilled to say that I graduate this February with my Associates Degree! The thrill will be short lived though because I will return to school right away in order to pursue my Bachelor's Degree. Of course I enjoy coffee and shopping for shoes, but when I'm not doing that I can be caught baking and usually failing at do it yourself projects.

What inspired you to start a blog?
 -- I first started with LiveJournal when I was a young teenager. I would post the links to my old blogs, but I am so ashamed and embarrassed of my teenage shenanigans! I don't dare share them with the public for fear my children will find them and find out that their mother was a boy crazed maniac that used to sneak out of the house with her friends just to run down the street naked! I know, I should delete them, but who doesn't love a good trip down memory lane? Is there a message in your blog that you want readers to grasp? -- There is no such thing as perfect and it's okay to laugh at our imperfections.

What is the craziest real life blogger moment you have ever had? -- I did a Boudoir photoshoot and wrote a blog about it. I received a lot of message from friends and strangers asking about the photographer I worked with, make up, hair, and the experience. I was surprised to know that many people read the blog and the difficulties people had in trying to find someone that had a real boudoir experience.

What book are you reading now? -- Aside from my college textbook, "Effectiveness in Writing" I am currently reading "Catching Fire." I like to read novels that are adapted in to movies and compare them.Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

 Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
 -- In the early 90s my father was active duty Navy. To keep in contact with my friends I left behind I had to use good-old-fashioned snail mail! I would about my day with details and twist to entertain my friends. When they would write back saying that their letter made them happy and made them laugh it felt like a great accomplishment. From there it just developed in to a kind of therapy.

 Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing/blogging?
-- Time. Finding the time to blog on a regular basis. I would love to actually stay on schedule for blog post.

How do you handle the family/life/blog balance? -- I don't hahaha. Blogging is something that I do for me, it's my own type of therapy. Like most moms, my desires take a back seat to my family and their desires. In a perfect world I would love to blog on schedule... at least one a week. I tend sneak my blogging in on my lunch break, while the family is sleeping, or when my husband works nigh shifts.

When is your favorite time of day to blog? -- In the morning. When the kids are at school or before everyone comes in to work. I will begin an idea from there and then throughout the day come back to it. Blogging is an all day (sometimes multiple days) process for me.

Do you tell your family and friends that you author a blog? Why or why not. -- Yes, I do. I tell them because sometimes I write about them. I feel it's fair that I warn them lol.

What is your biggest blogging challenge? -- Finding the time to finish a blog! I will have five sitting in drafts but I fail to go back, reread, edits and add pictures and they just sit there. That goes in to time... I need more time.

What do you do to get over writer’s block? -- I will look at the news or see what's trending. Sometimes I will just think about what my kids have done lately. I will take the news and put my own thoughts and perspective in on it. When it comes to writing about my family I try and make it so it's not dull, boring and repetitive.

What keeps you blogging? -- Blogging is it's own type of therapy. Being able to write/type out whatever is on my mind or share something funny, makes me feel happy.

 If you could meet one famous person past or present, who would it be and why? -- Zachary Quinto! I want to find him and hump his face. Yea... I know he's gay... But I totally want to at least try to bring him to my side of the rainbow!

Name three funny facts about yourself. -- 1. I'm still in love with Hanson, yes, the brothers that sing "MMM Bop" Don't judge me! Zac and I are still going to get married! 2. I'm half Filipina, my mother is full Filipina and I've had to explain multiple things to her, like what is an orgasm (they call is satisfaction in the Philippines), what kinky means, what a dildo is, and that there is a BIG difference between condoms and condiments. 3. I'm scared of my parent's basement. No lie, that place looks like something out of the Blair Witch Project! I send my 17 year old sister and my 8 year old down there by themselves, but I wont go. It's that serious!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Miss Ali from High Heels and Coffee! Be sure to drop by the weekly Tattler Thursday Blog and Social Media Hop, and leave a comment with a funny kid or grown up story to qualify to be featured on The Tattler Studio!

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