Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tattler Thursday blog and Social Media Hop #23

Hiya Snappers! Welcome back to the 23rd week of the Tattler Thursday Blog and Social Network Hop!

It's time to tattle and hop!

It's a share your crazy, gross, hilarious, in-the-trenches parenthood stories, or any tattle that you may want to share with us, that has nothing to do with kids, kind of blog hop! We love funny stories and we want to hear yours! You don't have to have kids to participate!

Just leave a comment with your story, post not required! So think of your funniest, wackiest or favorite stories, leave a comment  with your story/tattle, follow your Hostesses and Co-Hostesses, visit and discover other blogs, and have fun!

Remember the easiest way to get a follow back is to like/follow other pages and leave a comment! So hop around, tell your friends and share, share, share! This is a hop designed for you to have fun and share! Happy Tattling!

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This week's featured blogger is Confessions of a (Not-so-) Super Mom!  She describes her blog as: "A not-so-prolific blog about whatever I feel like, regarding my not-so-super and totally self-deprecating parenting." You should go check out her blog and give her some lovin'!

To be picked as next week's featured blogger of the week, and to be eligible for October's Tattler's Studio featured post on W3G, all about you and your blog, simply comment on one of the three Hostesses blogs with a funny, silly, gross, scary, wacky, or crazy kid story!
The Rules are:
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3- Leave a comment with a funny, wacky, or gross story/tattle

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*Have fun Hopping! (and come back next week!)

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  1. My funny story for this week is a lil crazy and sad! We were at dinner and I took the lil punkin doo(5) to the potty, well she couldn't get the door shut. So good 'ol mom swoops up and looks for fingers, and shoves the stall door shut. Right onto the 5yo's thumb. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs,"Mommy you hurt me...waaaaaaaaaaaaah!' Then I try to look at it,"Mooooommy oooow don't touch it!" Then I decide to run cold water on it, while profusely apologizing and trying not to cry for hurting her. She screams, while she is sobbing," Mommy stooooop, it hurts! I just want to suck on it..." All of the above, unbeknownst to me, is echoing off of the walls of the restaurant where we were just sitting not 5 minutes earlier. My husband is deflecting looks of horror from all surrounding patrons, and texts me that I am probably going to jail...and then I finally get the child semi calmed down, she asks what daddy said and I told her that dadyy said mommy is probably going to jail, that somebody probably called the cops. It is almost bedtime, and my family has had the snotty, coughing, almost flu-like cold from hell, and my baby is pooped, so of course, she immediately starts bawling,"mommy...I don't want you to go to jaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiillllll! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
    Sooooo...we came back to the table amid funny stares, and I decided to say rather loudly that mommy accidentally shut her finger in the door, to deflect any potential advice givers or cop callers! Then from being so upset, and having a nervous, anxious tummy over the last 25 minutes, diarrhea strikes! Joy joy!