Monday, October 22, 2012

GoodbyeHardware;Naked MommyAloneTime

Hello dear readers!  Nice to see you again!  Today I am going to tell you about my day of naked mommy alone time. 
   Last Thursday, my husband took me to the Ortho Doc, to check the progress on my broken leg.  The doctor said it was healed! Yeah! Happy leg dance.  After being laid up non weight bearing for nine weeks, this news was candy to my ears!  So I began the barrage of questions.  Questions about physical therapy, when can I put weight on it, exercises, when can I drive, etc.  Good news is, that pesky Terminator looking leg brace hardware is gone! I just lost twenty pounds right there!  The doc said I have to go three more weeks with no more than five pounds(for balancing)of pressure put on my leg.  But then, get ready for it, here it comes.....on the fourth week, I can progressively start putting weight on it!  Then when I go back to the doc the week before Thanksgiving, depending on how good I am walking on it, I may not need physical therapy!  Wahoo!  To facilitate such a miraculous happening, the doc has been giving me daily exercises.  Leg lifts mainly, ankle rotations, stretching, and now full leg bending and stretching.  Wow those muscles are tight.  Interesting what happens in a short non weight bearing nine weeks, versus walking on it my whole life.  Just a minute.....ok I'm back I had to stretch.  Can you see how anxious I am to get walking?
  Anyway, my doc decided he was a comedian.  I asked him if I could drive, and he looks at my husband and says,"Well that is a loaded question.  I am not sure I am qualified to answer that question.(to my husband)Could she before?"  Yup.  Funny guy.  My husband and the doc then have another good old laugh, when he suggests taking me to the empty section of the Walmart parking lot, and practicing driving again.  Very funny guys.  I hope that you have to teach your kids how to drive one day, and that they run into a dumpster!  Just kidding!
  So after the appointment, we go to pick up our four year old  at great grandmother's house.  The four year old has decided that she is spending the night with Mamaw.  She is a very persuasive ie. manipulative child.  She knows how to get exactly what she wants.  So daddy and I are babysitter blessed and kid free. We have a good dinner with the mother in law.  She is hilarious, and we suceeded in grossing the hubbie out.  We then had a mommy and daddy "quality time" kind of night.  Wink, wink, if ya know what I mean!  We had to celebrate the fact that the leg brace wasn't slamming him in the back, side, knee or leg.  Celebrate we did!   Multiple times!  Husband and wifey snuggling ensued.  We checked mommy and daddy at the bedroom door!  So this brings us all up to speed on how I happened upon naked mommy alone time.
   The next morning, I gloriously reveled in the opportunity to lay in my bed, all wrapped up in my blanket, alone, and buck naked.  Naked as the day I was born.  Naked mommy alone time! With a four year old, being a stay at home mom, and living and hour and fifteen minutes from the closest relative, I do not get this opportunity very often.  What a rare luxury!  So I rolled around and tested out new leg positions.  Could I finally sleep on my tummy? Yes! Could I sleep in the one knee bent up position? Yes!  Could I sleep on my side with both legs pressed together, one on top of the other? Yes! So then, after rolling around for a while, trying to decide what to do with my naked self, because i was so not putting clothes on; I decided to call my grandmother, my Nana.  I told her, when she asked what I was doing, exactly what I was doing!  I told her that I was enjoying a me day, alone, totally buck naked, snuggled up in bed.  She died laughing.  Well not really, she is very much alive and kicking.  She is a pistol.  The sassiness in our family comes from her. She totally got the home alone bare-assedness, having raised three kids herself.  I told her that Mamaw had the four year old, and that I was enjoying some much needed alone time.  She said,"Well good for you!"  We also had a great laugh about alone mommy naked moments!
   The strange things that go through my mind, while laying naked in bed talking to my grandmother!  It must run in the family!  My mother(her daughter)and I used to always call each other while we were in the bathroom! Nutty family!  Actually it stems from being the only place where, as a mom and a wife, you are totally alone, in the whole house!  Anyway, I asked her if she remembered my grandfather's great grandmother's name.  She was a full blooded Cherokee Indian, and I was wondering if she remembered(this was the original reason I had called, besides wanting to chat uninterrupted).  Then I asked about her mother's siblings.  I learned there were eleven.  Hmm, I never knew that.  I also learned that several of their names rhymed.  Annie and Fannie, Earldine and Madeline.  Cute. We proceeded to chat for an hour and a half.  Or until we both had to pee from laughing so hard, and my phone was dying.  I just love my grandmother.  I had no problem talking to her all morning, so as to avoid cleaning before my MIL brought the baby home!
   So I then decided to grab a quick bite to eat, naked.  I then got to cleaning, naked.  I decided, why dirty more clothes, when I am just going to hop in the shower after cleaning anyway?  So relishing my new found, however short lived, naked freedom, I picked up, folded laundry, did the dishes, swept the floors, put away dishes, all while zooming around sans clothes in my wheelchair, stopping every now and then for leg lifts!  If the neighbors across the back yard diagonally were home, they might have gotten a pretty good show out of our kitchen window! Hah!
   So then I took a nice, long, hot shower with my ears blissfully closed.  I did not have to strain my ears to hear sounds of the four year old crashing off of the bed while jumping, screaming, yelling for mommy, running into the bathroom with a question, to check on me, or to throw back the curtain to surprise me.  A nice long mommy shower.  All the hot water was mine all mine!
  Moral of this story is; Every mommy needs naked mommy alone time.  It is refreshing and good for the soul.  It takes you back to those days before husband and kids, when all you had to think about was you.  Running around naked, cleaning naked, and bathing at leisure.  When no one else mattered but you, and focusing on your inner goddess.  Pampering her every whim.  All about you time. Doing what you want, whenever it pleased you to do it.  Focusing on being sexy, and a sexual goddess in bed.  Laying around the day after, and reliving your sexual or flirting prowess in bed, naked, and alone.  Without a child(ren) or a husband expecting their due time and attention.  Every woman needs to relive this time in her life occasionally, taking a break for herself, from the busy day to day hustle and bustle of raising a family.  One must always have, however regularly or infrequently, inner goddess time.

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