Tuesday, October 30, 2012

106 Random Gingerssnaps Facts

  1. I am funny(no what seriously, you hadn't figured that one out on your own yet?;))
  2. I am a closet smarty pants(most of the time I try to just keep my mouth shut, so what I say isn't misconstrued...which has been recently...a lot.  See #1.) 
  3. I love big, fuzzy, wool socks with my favorite tennis shoes(yes I am sooooo a child of the 80's!)
  4. I love cute, bright, conversation worthy socks.  They make me feel good when I am wearing them, just like new panties!
  5. I love to snuggle with my 4yo.  
  6. I love chocolate cake doughnuts.(Just had one for the first time in almost a year!)  
  7. I love to nap during thunder storms, for some odd reason, it makes me feel peaceful.
  8. I dislike anything pumpkin tasting.
  9. I am a closet hairdresser, with a child who doesn't like her hair messed with. Poop.
  10. I was a band geek(flute and piccolo) and a flag twirler in high school.
  11. I was a sorority girl.  Sigma Sigma Sigma.
  12. I love to read.  
  13. I love my husband.(No really, I do.  I honestly love my husband.  Nobody paid me to say that. Right Mr Soul Mate? Heh Heh.)
  14. Being a stepmom is the most thankless job in the world.(I do have to say that one of mine has turned out super thoughtful and sweet! The other hugs me and occasionally says I love you, which is thanks enough.)
  15. One of my favorite things in the world is the sound of my daughter's giggles.
  16. My daddy has sent me flowers every year on my birthday since I was 4.
  17. Long extended phone conversations with my almost 85 year old Nana make me happy.
  18. I worked in the Telecommunications industry for almost 15 years.
  19. Miranda Lambert's 'The House That Built Me' makes me cry every time I hear it.
  20. I am a crybaby.  No seriously, I cry at commercials!
  21. I am addicted to People Weekly, been reading it since the fourth grade!
  22. I love Nerds!(grape and strawberry not skin and bones)
  23. I love riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle.
  24. I am a daredevil.
  25. I love roller coasters.(The Loch Ness Monster is the best hands down!)
  26. I love all seasons, but summer, fall, and winter are my favorites.
  27. I am a people person.
  28. I love to talk.
  29. I adore Lady Gaga.
  30. I love BTO.(google them young whipper snappers)
  31. Photography is my passion.
  32. I have an inordinate amount of patience.
  33. I have never gotten sucked into a political debate.  Until this year.  I caved.
  34. My mother, grandmother and I were best friends.  We did everything together.
  35. I miss my mother every single day.
  36. I love books about vampires.
  37. I am addicted to Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake vampire hunter series.
  38. I love a good smutty, sex filled book.
  39. One of my favorite books of all time is Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small. Best. Heroine. Ever.
  40. More white hair=more blonde moments.
  41. I have smell associated memories.
  42. I love the way my daughter smells.
  43. I love how mommies kisses fix all boo-boos.
  44. I love my family.
  45. I have a half sister and two half brothers, that I am just starting to get to know.
  46. Baby wipes were the greatest invention in the universe.
  47. I love Sons of Anarchy.
  48. I have been to an Easy Riders Biker rally in Chillecothe, Ohio.
  49. I have been to Atlantis in the Bahamas, twice.  Both with my husband.
  50. I have been to Cancun, Mexico twice.  Once with my best friend and once with my husband.
  51. I have been to Grand Cayman, BWI, twice.  Once on a cruise ship with my bff, and once for a week with my husband.
  52. One of my most cherished possessions is the quilt that my Granny made me for my high school graduation.
  53. I am a former Longaberger basket addict.
  54. I love beach sunsets and sunrises.
  55. I like guacamole.  I did not start liking it until I was pregnant.
  56. I make killer tacos.
  57. I married an excellent cook, because I do not cook much.
  58. I love pomegranates.
  59. My favorite apples are Granny Smith apples.
  60. I am not a big drinker, but when I do, my favorite drink is Lindeman's Framboise Lambic.
  61. My daughter started out as twins.
  62. I used to own Keds in every color to match each outfit.
  63. I love myself whether I am a size 2, 12, or 22.
  64. Some days I miss my long hair.
  65. I was on the Greek Panhellenic Council in College.
  66. I was a Rho Chi during sorority fall rush week.
  67. I had four little sisters and five little brothers in sorority/fraternity life.
  68. I think I can sing Whitney Houston's, The Greatest Love of All.
  69. I went to George Washington High School in Charleston, West Virginia.
  70. I went to college at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.
  71. I hate bugs.  Especially spiders.  I abhor spiders.
  72. I can spot a spider in the dark, across the room in a corner. I have a sixth spider sense, I swear.
  73. I love bubble baths, a good book, and a glass of my favorite Framboise Lambic.
  74. I loved being pregnant.  I was a lucky insatiable pregnant girl, with few issues and an easy pregnancy.
  75. I am a glass half full kind of girl.
  76. I am that annoyingly positive and happy girl.
  77. I love to dance.  I took dancing for ten years.
  78. I had never broken a bone until this past August.
  79. I love music. 
  80. I love the West Virginia mountains.
  81. I love playing with my daughter.
  82. I enjoy making creative foods for my four year old to eat.(IE Pb sandwich forts, applesauce moats, with goldfishes in the moat)
  83. I am a crafty person.
  84. I think my daughter is the funniest person in the world.
  85. I love to write.
  86. I am a big fan of my twenty year old step-daughter's artwork.
  87. Everybody loves me.(with few exceptions)
  88. I am a Past Matron of South Charleston Chapter #131, Order of the Eastern Star, and a Past Grand Representative to Arizona.
  89. I am a Past Grand Hope, of the state of West Virginia, of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.
  90. I love my husband's family.  They are awesome. Quirky, but awesome.
  91. I love being silly.
  92. I went to Marshall, so I am a Thundering Herd fan, but I was raised a Mountaineer fan.
  93.  I quit smoking cold turkey when I got pregnant.
  94. I have a bad habit of biting my lips.
  95. I used to always say when I was little that I wanted three kids.  I have three.
  96. I used to want to be a dancer when I was little.
  97. Beaches is my all time favorite movie.
  98. I love Hugh Jackman.
  99. It takes a lot to anger me, but once I am angry, I have a bad temper.
  100. I am a big enough person to know when I am wrong, and to apologize.
  101. I am addicted to my husband singing Karaoke.
  102. I love The Voice and American Idol.
  103. I got tipsy the first time at college, fell down, and ended up having to have major surgery.
  104. My best friend helped me catch up after missing two out of the first three weeks of college. Been lucky enough to be stuck with her ever since.
  105. I didn't get married until I was 29, but God definitely blessed me with the best lifelong friends a girl could ask for while I was waiting on Mr Right!
  106. I randomly play volleyball over the freezer section in the local grocery store.


  1. I didn't start liking guacamole until I went to Cozumel 10 years ago and had true guac, made by the locals. Then, I began to appreciate it. But, I'm going to have to disagree with you on the pumpkin-tasting foods. EAT/DRINK ALL THE PUMPKIN FLAVORED THINGS!

    Ahem. ;)

  2. Nope! Agree to disagree Miss Heather, I cannot stand pumpkin! Now if it's pomegranite or rasberry, then were talking! Wink!