Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kentucky House Hunting Part #2

So, I was wrong.  I admit it.  That last house we were on the way to see when I left you in Part#1? It was awesome!  It was THE house.  It was the right price, in a great neighborhood, and had everything we wanted!  Rock On!I will not miss leaving the house hunting race, really.  I will not miss the animal smells, the ghosts, the collapsing ceilings for $950, the taken over schools/meth community for $1150, landladies that look as if they will keel over at any minute prompting us to have to move agin when her kids decide to sell, $1300 for downtown loft with one bathroon and big stairs, the houses where owners family surrounds the house..ie "somebody's eyes are watching", the "nice" community behind the federal pen and federal prison work camp(where none other than our own illustrious Arch Moore did his time), and last but not least the biggest disappointment we found.  I left it out in Part #1!
     So the first day of house hunting had not brought us any luck.  We continued to drive around looking.  We got hopelessly lost.  Did we stop and ask directions you ask? Bahahah! Nope, we are the fearless house hunters.  We dont need no stinkin directions! So eventually we come upon a community that looks very promising.  Could it be? A decent condo complex? We drive down the street of one floor homes with garages and porches.  Exactly what we had been looking for.  We began to get excited! Then we round the bend and there is a high rise condo building!  It was all newer construction, and very neat.  Then we come upon the office and the clubhouse.  My dearest hubbie excitedly kicks the car into park, and is getting out to get more information from the office, when we suddenly realize why there is a surplus of buicks in the parking lot. Yep, its an old folks community! A retirement home! Looked good to us! Too good to be true!  So he hops back in the car, and proceeds to get the heck out of old people village. I think we actually passed a person out for a stroll in a wheelchair! We both laughed so hard I thought that we were going to pee out pants!
     So there are some interesting facts we have come upon in our travels, and the Kentucky experience thus far.  #1-You can hit the local McDonalds drive thru for a $1 bag of ice.  A big bag, that is cheaper than  your local grocer. #2-No one is aware of any prisoner EVER escaping from the aformentioned jails(very odd..every person got the same glazed over look when responding to the escape rate question..like they had all been brainwashed to respond with the same answer...yeah and there was no meth problem in Wurtland either!!) #3-People do not seem to be as friendly as I am used to, having lived in WV all my life, and last but not least...#4-you will not publicly display any inkling of loyalty to any team other than UK.  You will not display other colors, souveneirs, team paraphenalia,or framed degrees from any other institution.  If caught with any of said items in your office or on your desk, you will be called out on it immediately, and will be advised you have been warned.  Living in Kentucky requires that you give up, or pretend to give up all other team loyalties, and that you are only permitted to bleed blue and white. No green and white or blue and gold.

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  1. did you check out Summit? Near Ashland, nice quiet little community.