Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kentucky House Hunting Part #1

Hi.  It's been a while. Since I last blogged, there have been many life changing events that have occurred.  My mothers death, almost bleeding to death, subsequent surgery, all the first holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries without my mommy, my husband getting transferred to Kentucky, going to Atlantis in the Bahamas, the birth of my brothers first baby, and house hunting in Kentucky.
     So one thing at a time.  Today, we are house hunting.  Can I just say that I am not impressed with the slim pickins' for rent in the city we are moving to in Kentucky.  I am impressed with the downtown loft apartment, that is above our budget, and with downtown living in general.  It is close to both the riverfront park, and Central Park. I am not impressed with the lack of closet space, only one bathroom, lack of a yard, and no motorcycle storage. On the upside, its super cute, walking distance to almost everything, across the street from my hubbies work, in the downtown art community, and is ultra modern. On the downside, we need to find something soon because my hubbie is stressed out, has a two and a half hour commute most days, is worn out, and we don't see him as much as we are used to. The alternative is him/us staying in Ky during the week and going home to WV during the weekend.  That is not acceptable.
     The condition of rental houses that we have looked at thus far, is deplorable. One was behind the federal penitentiary and the federal prison work camp. Another was awesome, but was beside the schools the State had just taken over for being so horrible, and in a meth stricken community. As evidenced by the man who shot his wife and toddler three blocks down from said house, a week an a half later. Yup, right-o. Not going there. Plus there was a $250 late fee, if rent was payed 1 minute after it was due. And the fact that the landlord swore the meth infested community was the next town over. Can we say warning signs?       
      So needless to say, house hunting has become very frustrating. I am keeping a good attitude, but I must say that I am not impressed with our new city yet.     The next house we looked at was an older house. It was cute, with a sun room, a backyard and deck, and space.  THEN we opened the basement door. Keep in mind that the landlord had told us that they had just bleached the whole house. The smell that came out of the basement, permeated the entire house. It smelled at best description, like a animal shelter slaughterhouse. Did I mention that 2/3 of our family has animal related allergies? Then another house we looked at this morning, the neighborhood was deplorable and the ceilings were falling down. There were more downsides, but again as soon as we walked in the doorway, the stench of animal(s) hit us like a brick wall. Thank you, but NO thank you. Did I mention the three obviously unemployed, unkempt creepy neighbors that sat on the porch watching us the whole time we were on the porch and and getting in and out of our car? Sooo not digging that house either. Wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the Chainsaw Massacre or anything.
     We drove past a house we had liked previously, but ruled out for space restrictions, because it was starting to look like a castle...and it was rented. Then we looked at another house, space and yard were perfect, but the house had a stinking dog too. Phooey! It was also across the river back in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.(We are suppose to relocate to Kentucky.)
     We looked at an executive apartment community with a seawater pool, and a playground, but there is a waiting list for three bedroom units. So there is one more house we are going to look at this evening. I must admit I do not have much hope for this prospect either, I seriously hope I am wrong.
     How could have I forgotten the hugest issue? Cost. Everything is so very much more expensive! I guess it's an old money city, and nobody ever moves! Every house is $100-500 more expensive than our current cost of roof over head, and our rent is not cheap! I am not impressed with the issue of less for more!
     The funny part of all of this? My hubbie must go to work every day, to a very old building, that reminds one of a brothel! Yes, I said brothel. The lobby walls are brick red.  It's interesting to say the least! I don't know why, but it reminds me of the old gigantic mansion, in the French quarter, that Lestat lives in, in the movie, Interview With a Vampire!

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