Thursday, April 24, 2014


So im nervous about this field trip, good and excited. My stomach is in knots, is that even normal? I have never been nervous about anything like this. Its my first time. I am thinking things, like do i need to pack extra panties for me, her and and old smaller pair in case a kid has a blow out? Then, i have had diarrhea the last 2 days(from eating shrimp the last 2 days). What happens to my 6 assigned to watch over kids, if I have to shit? More than 1x? What happens to the other 5 if one of them has to go? What if we are watching the 3d movie titled Beavers, and one of them asks me ,"what is a beaver" and I cant keep a straight face? Is that even an appropriate one title movie name? Geesh! Will I be excommunicated from the chaperoning world of my kids elementary school? What if a kid throws up? In the ball pit? Duh duh duh duh.... I feel like I am stepping into the Arnold Schwartz-e-whatever world of Kindergarten Cop! 12 chaperones, 70 kids, and carpooling with my fav mom and friend, Mrs. Commando. A day filled with my friend that wears no underpants and a movie called Beavers, Dinosaurs, and thank goodness the parents aren't allowed in the teensy reptile room!Not to mention 4 fun filled hours with 70 lil rug rats, and 6 to call my own for 4 hours(at least until I give them back! I think this day calls for no panties and Xanax... Let the good times roll!

Love and kisses- Ginger

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