Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beach Therapy

Since this beach bum is once again on vacation at a different beach this week, I thought I would repost last summers post, Beach Therapy! It's a pictorial post of the Bahamas, and of Outer Banks(Hatteras Island)! Everybody have a great week and don't forget to tune in for the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop! Muah! -G  The Bahamas, Paradise Island.  Atlantis Resort and Casino.  The vacation of a lifetime, a second time!  This is our absolute favorite vacation spot, ever.  It is magical from the moment you can see the beautiful turquoise water from the airplane window.  Then you zip through customs, give your luggage to the hotel porter, and are whisked away to your vehicle waiting to take you to heaven.  They give you wet towels to wipe your brow, and cold bottles of water for the thirty minute ride through town.  If your lucky the driver will even stop in the middle of traffic for you to take a picture of the local lighthouse! Then finally you get to the bridge that leads to paradise.  As you are driving along the expanse of the bridge, you begin to see a pink palace that resembles a sandcastle.  As you get closer, you can see the massive expanse of the resort named after that lost city under the sea.  You are in paradise.
   That is all.  What happens in paradise stays in paradise! Hah!
Beautiful Beaches, Awesome lazy river rapids ride, lunched with NFL player and his long term girlfriend, introduced Junkanoo Rushes to my tropical diet, cute pool boys, awesome alone time with my wonderful husband, went shopping, saw luxury boats bigger than most houses, massage, sat in a spa with naked women, and gossiped with the masseuse about famous people she has massaged! (Nick cage, NBA, NFL players, sickos that expected a piece or personal hand service!)  Also saw two famous tennis players arriving, and Michael Clark Duncan! This was in March....
   In June, my husband, daughter, father, our best family friend, and I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Hatteras Island, Waves, Salvo, Rodanthe, Avon, Duck, Frisco, Ocracoke Island, and Nags Head.  This has become our favorite family vacation beach.  It was a very special vacation that I will never forget.
   At the end of this week, my daughter, father, and I are going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina again.  Just the three of us.  It will again be a special vacation.  Family bonding time.  Time to wrap ourselves tighter together, and have fun, getting on with the business of living and enjoying life after losing a precious loved one last year, my mother.  So for the next ten to eleven days, I will be at the beach!  So in lieu of writing for you, I will leave you with some photos from my first two beach trips this summer!

The Bahamas Photo Tour

In the Bahamas, the trees are even shaped like Palm Trees!

The Outer Banks Photo Tour

                    If you find yourself bored, remember there is always water ballet and bikini watching!


  1. Looks AMAZING! But now I am jealous... luckily I am headed to Europe this friday! Not quite the tropical paradise seen her, but not too shabby either.
    Thanks for linking!

  2. Your blog is new for me! Your friend, Mary Denmon's has you on her Fave's!
    Enjoyed reading it! Cute & funny!
    Sheri DeLoach